Genuflected Poem by Ashraful Musaddeq


Rating: 3.3

Moon lit evening— walking alone
River side road— proof of creation

Swiftly a rickshaw passed over me
Full moon eaten up some moments
— I ran and crossed the rickshaw

A motorcycle crossed me rapidly
I ran faster but failed and tired
— laughing rickshaw crossed me

We are in actual fact genuflected
To invented machine and engine

Obed Souza 17 June 2009

The Divine defies us to see it in small things... some have lost this ability. Excellent! 10! Thanks for your comments on ' unconquerable'.

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immediately closer ones they are...we are at oue knees to them..since we use them...robots would become more than man...dangerously mor...a nice thought

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 17 June 2009

i love the way you write. a good focus. shan

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Aijaz Asif 18 June 2009

a very powerful and deep write Sarkar..... you use 2 of the most poluted machines ever invented in this master piece of yours very beautifully, i might got it wrong but still it is amazing piece....thanks for you precious comments on my work.....many 10'sssss and A'ssssss ' A men invented menace for itself to destruct the beauty of nature and peace' - asif rgds asif

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Catrina Heart 18 June 2009

We are all in praise of the modern technology invented for they make our life easier and happier...though at times takes into negativity as the abuse sprout in....10+++

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Dr.Wardha Jawdat 26 June 2009

you have indeed written this one in the most artistic abstract way it a rythmn all its own....very enjoyable while humbling at the same time..

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Ch J Satyananda Kumar 26 June 2009

Thank you very much for sharing this poem with us. Great observations. Kudos.

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Lillian Thomas 20 June 2009

inventive doesn't seem to do it justice. you bring the language alive as if you made it up yourself. and as always you use your gift to bring us a glimpse of the spiritual essence in all things. Thank you, Ashraful, for not just reflecting but creating beauty itself.

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Alex Lewis 19 June 2009

Thank you for birthing this poem to the world. Eternal thanks, kind sir.

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Sandra Fowler 19 June 2009

A rickshaw and a motorcycle on a moonlit night. What a captivating imagist you are.Your power to create will overcome all obstacles of human invention.10/10 Warm regards, Sandra

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