Hell In The Cell Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Hell In The Cell

Rating: 4.9

Sitting on my bunk
all I smell was funk
I had no clue
that it was time
to tie my left shoe
I was stuck like glue
until I saw
my cell mate
burning from his hairdo
Smoke was all I ingested
when I a saw the door pop
I race to take a rest
in their present(Devil vs God)
Drug smell I was infested
from dope
It wasn't no water insight
to put out the fire
my cell mate had to fight
with all his might
Until he wa tired(The Powers that be)
to claim his rights
was it dynamite
After inhaling and exhaling
I gain my composure
only to lose it
to an explosion
As he(cell mate) snort that dope
and hit that crack(cocaine)
you know he wasn't coming back
Up with hope
down with dope
it's the things that we do
that come back on you
Turning to face judgment(fire vs water)
I thought about God favorite songs
How long will this go on
I dive for the ocean
to get that (forgiveness) potion
so I can get baptize
to stay alive
What a day
that God
came my way
Now lets pray
that God wash away
my sins
and let me see another day
Hell in the cell

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 23 March 2009

A beautiful poem reflecting state of mind after having drugs. A real life poetry. Wonderful write, LaRon.........10/10. Best Wishes Naseer

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Deep Mukherjee 04 February 2012

this one is different from your others; in a different zone with a dark essence as well as a restoring positive essence.......this is way beyond my logical reasoning; you are in a zone of yours! ! ! ! it's beautiful- i can only say that! ! ! 10+++

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Perry Biggerstaff 25 January 2012

Your best! ! Fire vs Water...great commentary on good vs evil...the spiritual warfare that all of us deal with.

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Ravi A 30 April 2009

God will not wash our sins until we realize our mistakes. The voice has to come from our inner recesses. We have to repair our lower nature with our higher nature. Anopen attitude towards life is necessary. Continuous evaluation should take place.

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Barry A. Lanier 05 April 2009

Laron you've depicted the scenario well for I've been in that environment and yes you never forget the funk....that one stays with you for a lifetime....and being in the cell at lockdown when your bunkmate(who just killed his father and was waiting to go to death row) wondering if you'll wake up the next morning. Why did you kill your father I asked? He replied, 'because I got mad at him, stopped the truck, pulled him out, and beat him with my fists'...'You're sure you want the top bunk, I'll be glad to sleep in the one you don't want! ' i SAID..........

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... Dog God 8hate 27 March 2009

Sitting on my bunk, All I smelled was funk! 46 (various) bunks... and a myriad of funks! ! ! !

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