Hero No More Poem by Practicing Poetess

Hero No More

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Mum used to be her hero,
The person she most admired.
To grow up to be just like Mum
Was all her girl desired.
Aspiring little mini-me
Would watch, and imitate
It's clear that she adored her Mum,
'Til in stepped Cruel Fate.
It started with the public school's
Efforts to proselytise.
To make kids question parents,
To distrust, and then despise.
The daughter's peers and chums
Were next to have a bad effect.
Encouraged darling daughter
Her own Mum to disrespect.
Before long, adolescence
Was up to its old tricks
It put the Mum and child at odds,
And threw that in the mix.
Now somewhere, in the wake of this,
A Mum can't be consoled.
She wonders, 'midst her broken heart,
Where did her little girl go.

Sunday, September 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: mother daughter
Michael Walker. 16 March 2020

It is sad that the mother is no longer a hero to her daughter.

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Practicing Poetess 25 March 2020

Quite sad indeed. Sometimes this is merely an indication of growing independence. But all too often, it is indicative of rebellion or the bad influence of corrupt companions. Thanks, Michael, for your comment!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 04 October 2018

Mother is hero for child. Mother gives detail to beautify life of children and also she teaches a lot of values to daughter. Mother is wonder and token of dazzling tender heart for all children. An interesting poem is beautifully penned....10

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Practicing Poetess 04 October 2018

Thank you, Kumarmani, for your comment. :)

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Tom Allport 28 September 2018

A sad poem of the loss of someone who is still here? Wonderfully portrayed PP

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Practicing Poetess 28 September 2018

Many thanks, Tom. With death, we eventually resign ourselves to the loss of the person, that they aren't coming back. But when an important relationship disintegrates, it is more painful when that other person is still living. That is why it is so splendid when a broken relationship is reconciled- - a cause for celebration! :)

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louis rams 24 September 2018

when children forget where they have come from, then it's too late the damage is done.

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Practicing Poetess 25 September 2018

Thanks for commenting, Louis. But, it's never too late- - as long as there is life & breath. I know someone whose only child reached out and contacted her after 15 long years of estrangement. The love of a Mum never gives up, and fortunately, children eventually grow up, settle down, and become more reasonable! :)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 September 2018

She wonders with broken heart missing her affectionate daughter. Mother's precious affection is remembered at every moment. Mother always gives her effort to build children. Mother is real hero for the daughter as she learns many things from her mother. A timely treasured poem is beautifully penned...10

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Practicing Poetess 23 September 2018

Thank you, Kumar. What a shame that some children 'outgrow' their mothers. For a mother will ALWAYS be a mother, even when her children are grown. An child is still your child, forever.

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