** My Greatest Love ** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

** My Greatest Love **

Rating: 4.4

I would swim across the ocean of burning coals
Hanging myself to the pole
Out casting and left freezing in the cold
Cracking my brain till numb and bold
Searching for the threshold
What you could have behold

Flashbacks of tranquilizing memories
Engraving our hearts with golden debris
Wouldn’t be much of worries
Feeding our queries
Our passion evaporates in lavish
Meddling and halting to cease

Don’t you think that we’re crazy?
Day by day the breeze of frenzy
Feeding us with the love of cozy
Night by night the music of melody
Enlightening our ears of dreamy
Enriching our linkage to a steamy

Ohhhhh…..... here and ahhhhh …..... there
Feel like nothing compares
My life for you to spare
That’s how I care
Our love is seductively raw and rare
Tragic end I couldn’t bear
My love you can’t tear

Bethany Williams 10 July 2009

Wow! I really love this poem. You are such a great writter.... Love your poems... I give you a 10... for the good writting.

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a passionated love poem filled by deep longing..well expressed..10++++

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Subroto Chatterjee 13 June 2009

Superlative love ('greatest') ...talks about experience. Ah, Casanova! ! Cheers. Subroto

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Kuji Soliman 26 April 2009

i loved it, thanks for sharing! ! ! you are truly talented

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Rage Allay 02 February 2009

Very good write. I enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.

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Ignoramus 22 December 2019

Unbelievable that's all I can say!

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Bushra Hussaini 07 November 2009

Quite delightfu....good job! ! !

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

Our love is seductively raw and rare Rachel Ann Butler

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Whisperkwane Lamb 10 August 2009

Cyrano de bergerac would have loved your poem...yes it has that kind of wisdom concerning love.

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wonderful poem..you have a beautiful way of expresssing your deep feelings..

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