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His And Hers (Fun Poem)

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One was blue and one was pink
They sat on a shelf above the bathroom sink
And while their owners were fast asleep
They chatted to one another all night long
These two pairs of false teeth.

Andrew mark Wilkinson 01 April 2007

You have been busy David... thanks for this one...

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JoAnn McGrath 01 April 2007

LOL this is a good one for today

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Duncan Wyllie 01 April 2007

YEAH! this is loads of fun, I could imagine that so clearly, Great for the laughs David all the best Love duncan X

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Lisa Wilkinson 03 April 2007

This is a real poem I could sink my teeth into! Literally! lol Well done David, so even when we rest we still cant shut up! lolWell done.

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Sandra Fowler 01 April 2007

Very amusing David! Happy April Fool's Day to you too.. Ten from me. As always, Sandra

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Elysabeth Faslund 25 August 2007

Not only is this funny, but, also endearing. Two together, like their owners...chattering like couples do. Absolutely charming! xxElysabeth

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Risha : Ahmed 09 May 2007

That was a good one. Truly. I love these fun poems so much that I am reading each and every one of them.

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Melvina Germain 17 April 2007

This poem shows a great sense of humour David, very funny. Reminded me of my grandparents putting their teeth in a cup at night. I wonder how many people still do that. LOLOL I'm smiling David and it's all your fault LOLOL Thankyou my good friend--Melvina--

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Theodora Onken 11 April 2007

Reading this write of yours made me remember my parents and the way that they would take out their teeth every night and put them in s cup! An adorable and very light read! Great work, my friend! Regards, Theo

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Pam Thomas 04 April 2007

I would love to be a fly on the wall so I could hear what they had to say to one another. A wonderful funny poem David. I got a great laugh. Thanks for sharing. XOXO Pam

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