How Long Is Forever Poem by Adeline Foster

How Long Is Forever

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How Long Is Forever

No limit on our time is set
When youth is in full sway
But to a heart steeped in regret
Forever is a day

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
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Heyyou Boy (1/8/2012 2: 31: 00 AM)
Amazing how so few words can hold such power. Great work. Even though you make it appear easy.
Kaila George (11/23/2011 5: 06: 00 PM)
Smiles...its very touching poem....and to the point a mere few lines you summed up what we call our lives...nice
Dave Walker 25 September 2013

A wonderful little poem, regret can be a hard thing to live with.

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Alexander Beebe 27 September 2013

Very nice Adeline! I wrote on time too. Seems to be a popular subject for poems.

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Ehiowoicho Abah 30 September 2013

So short, yet even more profound.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 05 October 2013

one of the best short poems I've read in recent times, Adeline.

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Smoky Hoss 16 October 2013

The rhyme is perfect, and the truth deep. Very good!

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Those yesterdays that we seem to have lost Searching for that perfect timeless pearl The nets now torn and the boat no longer fast And the approaching sunset an orange curled......... Brief words, maximum poetry........Keep your pen busy

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Marvin Brato 27 December 2013

Perfect expression....very insightful write1

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Rubab Atwal 21 December 2013

a sweet and very inspiring...loved it.

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Maya Hanson 17 December 2013

So beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for your comment on So Many Words ~Maya Hanson (mye3)

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Susan Lacovara 05 December 2013

What is said, in an instant, causing regret....a lifetime...and still not quick to forget. Kindness can also make time stand still....PEACE

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Adeline Foster

Adeline Foster

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