Hospital Visitors Poem by Adeline Foster

Hospital Visitors

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Hospital Visitors

Thank you so for coming
To break a long, long day.
If you catch me sleeping
It might only look that way.
In hospital resting and sleeping
Often look the same,
So if you want to “wake” me
Just softly say my name.
Your cards are very cheery,
The flowers a pleasant touch,
Short visits are so very kind,
Long visits a little much.
Thank you so for coming
And for your words of cheer,
And, even as I say goodbye,
Thank you for being here.

Monday, February 24, 2014
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Joseph Anderson 26 February 2014

Absolutely right and done with grace and dignity and a little tongue in cheek You made your point very well. I hope you wrote this from your home

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Daniel Brick 19 March 2014

I HAD TO READ this particular poem! For the past 6 weeks my closest friend has been in intensive care because of a brain injury. I have been visiting often, but I still feel guilty when I miss a visit and helpless when I'm there. Your poem written from the patient's point of view has cleared the air for me. I don't think I'll feel either guilt or helplessness again. I'll just be present to the moment confident that my visit will provoke the generous thought your patient expresses. What a relief your poem delivers! This poem is what William Stafford called AN INEVITABLE POEM!

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V P Mahur 25 March 2014

Dear Madam, very sweet poem with a feel of comfort. Thanks and Please reply if possible.

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Dave Walker 30 March 2014

A great poem, says what everyone feels if they have the misfortune of an hospital stay.

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Shahzia Batool 30 March 2014

This poem made me think all the scenes of hospitals and the visitors here in our side of the world...a simple and clear write up, composed gently about an everyday fact of our life!

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Chinedu Dike 03 September 2014

Lovely. Very well articulated. Thanks for sharing.

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Brian Jani 07 July 2014

when one is sick visitors can make a very big and positive impact on the way to recovery of o sick person.

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Pheko Motaung 04 July 2014

A very good poem'Thank you for the kind words

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Khairul Ahsan 03 May 2014

Short visits are so very kind, Long visits a little much. A polite way of teaching those who wouldn't know. A nice poem.10/10. Hope you are out of hospital now.

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Yash Shinde 13 April 2014

hospital stay cuts us off from our normal life for a few days, there on sick-bed, being attended by our beloved is really rejuvenating.................a short and simple write......

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Adeline Foster

Adeline Foster

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