I Am The Daughter Of The Sun And The Sea Poem by Anita Atina

I Am The Daughter Of The Sun And The Sea

Rating: 5.0

I am the daughter of the sun and the sea

And I proudly stand ashore

The earth steps up to receive me

As I land luminous, at her door

I look for great spirits

Wandering o’oer this land

With them I want to share the stories

Of sun, sea and my land

For where I come from

There is only light

And every being a form of energy

To spread word of the good fight

And in my land, my mother sea

Gathers in her deep folds

Every feeling, every emotion

That man or beast could mould

When my father sun and mother sea, joyfully greet the day

They hold in their loving hands, the secrets of all creation, that day

To reveal what has been

And what will soon be at hand

They sent me from this wondrous land

To share the light afresh

With the soul of every man

Whose eyes long to see, the light that shines in me!

Fred Babbin 19 January 2008

Dear Anita, You stick your neck out, and say, 'here, cut it off'. So I have a problem, because I like you. And I have been in this business a very short time, so I don't trust myself. I can criticize you of things I am guilty of myself. With that as a prologue, here is my evaluation: The rythm is not perfect. Not that it has to be, but it jars slightly, at points. Also the content sounds a little too self aggrandizing for my taste. And some of the metaphors make me itch. So please forgive me. I will say that it is much better than most of the 16 year old nonsense there is on this site.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 19 January 2008

This 'may' be a little bit cerebral for most readers. However, your depictions are absolutely from a higher state of consciousness that must be read and enjoyed over and over again. Anita, we, you and I and the all of humanity are indeed creations/origins of this planet. Just as it is a living, all knowing and productive being. We reflect what it wishes as 'It' conducts with us this experiment called 'life'! I enjoyed this poem. Congratulatons!

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Konye obaji Ori 19 January 2008

It really reflect a work of a poet who has indeed clocked the milestone. totally classy and advancd, rich and intellectually provoking....Great piece, I enjoyed reading it over and again. Congratulations to you Anita.

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Lynda Robson 21 January 2008

I enjoyed reading this poem, I thought it was excellent and flowing, I will look forward to reading more, best wishes Lynda

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Ronald Stroman 20 January 2008

eight excellent comments, besides mine... reveals, you are a poetic piece of poetic work. continue.

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Barbara Bizarro 19 January 2008

This is an excellent poem, Anita. Well done and thank you for asking me to give my opinnion. In truth, I believe it is good... there is a hidden message back there that people will have to dig for to find out. Well done. I look forward to reading more of your poems. Babs

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Francis Duggan 19 January 2008

You have dug deep into your soul for this one Anita this is a very good poem with strong currents of spirtualism and shows your strong links to Nature and your ancestral past beautiful work Anita

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Ayesha Sartawi 19 January 2008

hi im sorry for the late reply i just read your request so thanks for asking me for my opinion, anyway i enjoyed reading it its like reaching invisible places and dealing with unseen charecters, and finally i liked it because its one that you have to really think of what every sentence means

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