I Don'T Poem by Amy

I Don'T

Rating: 2.8

Many people write
For their true emotions to unravel
Out of depression, angst, spite
But I can’t
I don’t write poems when I’m sad

They write from their experiences
When he left me
When they died
Bringing tears, causing cries
But I can’t
I don’t write when I’m sad

The tears dutifully stain my cheek
And roll on and on
Through and through
But I can’t
And I don’t write poems when I’m sad

And all the anger and sadness
Thrust inside of me
Just bursting to get out
Begging to get out
But they can’t
Because I don’t write poems when I’m sad

And I don’t know what to do
How to express my pain
And woe, and the feeling
It drains me, and it shows
But there’s nothing I can do
Because I don’t ever write poetry when I’m sad

HaZeM PaKKaR 02 August 2009

i quote: '' i don’t write poems when I’m sad ''.. & i add: i am so happy that i read this poem.. thanks to you.. please let me know about your new piece..

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Leslie Ching 22 February 2009

what an oxymoron...you just proved yourself wrong! you can write poetry anytime with such talent like yours...well expressed,10+ lc

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Barbara Terry 19 February 2009

But maybe you should write poetry when you are sad, because poetry is the song of the soul, and when the soul sings, we just have to write it down, Amy. I have been writing poetry since I was in the 5th grade, and since 2002 have shared one poem after another of my experiences I was forced against my will to endure. You know Amy, it has been my experience that the best poems are written by the saddest people in the world. Oh sure we can write about mother nature, and happy, and carefree times, but mostly, poets write about the sad events in our lives. So girlfriend, the next time you are feeling down, saddened, holding the world on your shoulders, write about it and share it here. You will receive very good comments, and some even telling you they can relate. So Amy, the next time you are sad, please tell us about it. Stay strong Amy, because it is in our strength that we can heal. Love & hugs, Barbara 'With confidence and forebearance, we will have the strength to move forward.'

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