poet Lawrence S. Pertillar

Lawrence S. Pertillar

'...I Feel Like I'Ve Been Robbed! '

We've both made choices.
Not once did I question
Those you made.
I never compared your way of life...
Or whether you lived it right or wrong.
Or to how many charities you gave,
If any.

I did,
Discovered you felt uncomfortable,
That I had felt at ease.
Knowing I had no exorbitant mortgage.
Or neighbors to keep up with to please.

Or that my basic life involved having no car to drive.
I enjoy all types of people.
But I am not one to wine and dine,
Or constantly socialize.
I had admired that about you.
You loved what you did and I did too!

But today,
You seem critical of the life I've made.
The only thing that has changed...
Is my age.
I've never been into 'things'
That could come and go away.
Or try to hold onto pretensions...
To show even though they fade.

What you valued is gone and did not stay.
And why that angers you...
Is between you and your 'beliefs'.
Don't try to hold that against me.
Wasn't it you who once said...
I was delusional and feared reality instead?
I am living in my 'reality'!
What have you found so upsetting about yours?

Was it those things that made it more realistic?
Giving you more of a sense of self worth?
But why is it you feel that way now?
When I still have less 'things' than you!

'I don't have a car or a home anymore.
And last week I was laid off my job!
My 401k is worthless.
And I feel like I've been robbed! '

That's too bad.
And all this time,
I've been feeling blessed.
And that's real odd!
Because I don't,
Right now...
Have a penny in my pocket!

And there you are...

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Poem Edited: Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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Comments about '...I Feel Like I'Ve Been Robbed! ' by Lawrence S. Pertillar

  • Kevin PatrickKevin Patrick (5/22/2014 8:17:00 PM)

    There's a great quote I love which goes We buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to impress people we don't like, now I like people but I don't believe owning three hundred thousand products or keeping up with the Joneses makes me a better person then some, if people place more importance on having items or looking like extras from Dynasty then they are not people I have no regrets with not having relationships with. Knowledge is the only long term wealth. As always you stab to the heart good stuff.

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  • Valsa GeorgeValsa George (7/2/2012 7:50:00 AM)

    How we look at life is more important than having a fat purse or other amenities in life. But if the loved one turns unfaithful, it is indeed heart rending....the hurt feeling is powerfully expressed... a nice poem! !

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  • Howard The Motivational Poet SimonHoward The Motivational Poet Simon (12/6/2009 10:43:00 AM)

    The rabid reality of living. Powerful themes that are sometimes taken for granted.
    Well done my freind.

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  • Barry A. LanierBarry A. Lanier (2/12/2009 7:50:00 PM)

    Yeah........you run out of money and you can count your friends on one hand........

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  • Naidz Ladia (12/25/2008 8:28:00 PM)

    even if u dont hve nothing, even if u dont own big properties, dont worry..friends are more than anything..treasure the love from them, coz they are precious as gold..material things are just accessories in life..
    i like ths poem lawrence, , its really happening nowadays..

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  • Naseer Ahmed NasirNaseer Ahmed Nasir (12/17/2008 4:31:00 AM)

    A well described person-qua-person poem. I would say Lawrence that every one has his/her own realities, own illusions and delusions and own justifications. A pennyless life is not as worse as the faithless is!

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