I Miss You Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

I Miss You

Rating: 4.9

i didn't count the days,
weeks smiled at me as they went by,
months danced and sang with me,
years wiped away my tears.

the light went out,
darkness ruled my world.

i didn't count the days,
i didn't dwell on the past,
and she didn't stay in the past.

her love was like,
sun rays nuturing crops,
like wind pushing the windmill,
like see breeze in a hot summer day.

weeks smiled at me as they went by,
giving me hope and courage,
though my heart was in pieces.

i longed for those days,
those days you were still here.

even though i miss you so,
even though my heart still weeps,
even though you've been gone
for eleven years mama.

you're still here, in my heart,
and the name of the heart is Siya.

i am not crying mama,
i'm just showing my gratittude.

with no education mama,
you gave us education.
this man is from your hands,
this ambitious and resilient guy,
comes from your hands,
suckled from you,
learned from you mama.

i smile a genuine smile,
becouse you never gave a fake smile.

i don't count the days,
weeks smiles at me as they go by,
months dances and sings with me,
years wipes away
my tears,
my sorrows, and
my heart-aches...

Ramesh Rai 13 February 2012

i feel it for you on valentine day. may god bless you.

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Unwritten Soul 14 February 2012

Ooooooo feel so deep here, lovely and precious gems fall from your eyes Siya, i saw it hahahaha....yeah it touching me too...and i feel good to read this from A to ( not Z) but end of lines...(Submitted Date: Monday, February 13,2012) hahhaha :) keep it up buddies_Unwritten Soul

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Dead Leaf 14 February 2012

ohhhhh really great bhuti.....i can see your tears here.... i smile a genuine smile, becouse you never gave a fake smile. i love these lines......

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Pheko Motaung 16 February 2012

Good work mjita! I love this wonderful poem!

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Elena Sandu 17 February 2012

Yes brother, true, no education could mould a child as a mother's smile does..From deep inside of heart there is no way to let a loved one out, yet we miss them dearly, I miss mine for over 20 years now.. Touching poem, thank you for share.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 22 March 2014

When I read poetry like this, I am reminded of my own innocence. An innocence I can only wish I could depict as well. Well done and beautiful too!

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Heather Wilkins 16 July 2013

a lovely tribute to your mother. very touching

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Phiwe Mbatha 17 June 2013

Ibanga usizi lenkondlo. Umsebenzi omuhle kakhulu

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Sahil Sood 11 November 2012

feelings xpressed beautifuly.. Luvd reading it.. Heart touching poem :)

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Anita Sehgal 12 October 2012

a touching tribute...

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