I Remember Zimmy Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler

I Remember Zimmy

Rating: 3.2

Oh, i remember Zimmy
Quiet, anxious, and young

But you never could believe a single damn word
That fell from Zimmy’s tongue

He’d play that beat-up guitar of his
Everyday in Maggie’s barn

Singin’ about some jilted maiden
Or spinnin’ some great yarn

he wasn’t much of a musician
he didn’t have much of a voice

but when he cranked out those crazy stories,
Zimmy really made some noise!

They say he packed his few possessions
And put his thumb out on the road

He disappeared from our small town
Headed out east, i’m told

None of us have heard from him since
Most of us doubt we will

As i walk by Old Maggie’s homestead
I think of Zimmy still...

Saw Zimmy’s New York face
On the cover of some hot shot magazine

Said he wrote a far-out song
About a man who played the tambourine

Said he wrote a far-out song
About a man who played the tambourine

Wanda Swim Strunk 13 September 2005

I cringe when I hear Bob Dylan but I'll admit he was a wordsmith. I like the bounce to the words you chose, almost as if they were hitchhiking along side.

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Jeanie Hubbard 23 August 2005

Ew. :)

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Uriah Hamilton 14 July 2005

Jake, what can I say? God love you! I swear I do!

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Sallie Howson 13 July 2005

robert zimmerman i'd say...nice poem

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Poetry Hound 13 July 2005

Enjoyed it. Sounds like a cool cat.Yippee-i-oh-kai-ay!

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