Insignia Poem by Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler


Rating: 4.8

“Well I never fucking loved
You in the first place! ” I hurled

At her backside as she briskly walked away
Her raincoat nipping her heels behind her

In sudden synchronicity the chattering heads
At the bar swiveled and gawked at the lovers’ circus

Whose boisterous tent was being unfolded before them
By two angry clowns pickled in smart clothes

She pivoted perfectly rigid on the ball of her foot
As slowly as a jewelry box ballerina

With teeth clenched as tight as her fists
And bored holes into my pupils with hers

I stood rocking smugly, half shocked with myself but
Still proud I got the last word out and let the world know

She outstretched her hand and grabbed the first item in reach -
Some nearby patron’s long island iced tea -

And threw it in my face with a sharp pitch,
Glass and all, before she swiftly made her exit

To the enthusiastic applause of each female in the bar
While I wiped the alcohol out of my fireball eyes

With my tie and laughed along with the circus crowd
I think I fell in love with her all over again in that mad moment

She had let me have the last word in the fight but
Hadn’t left first without making a statement of her own

Chelly B 29 June 2006

Very nice poem and like the meaning and you choice of words, beautifully written

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Anna Russell 29 June 2006

Ouch! I get the feeling your words hurt more than her glass. For some reason I kept thinking of Dylan's It Ain't Me Babe as I was reading this - but with both sides given a say. A wonderful snapshot, poweful in its simplicity. Hugs Anna xxx

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Michael Shepherd 29 June 2006

Hey Jake, great fiction heh heh

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Another stunning piece from Mr. A. Jacob Hassler! Bravo. This is a perfect piece of art, Jake. Well done.

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Poetry Hound 29 June 2006

This poem is like Barry Bonds connecting with a fastball! As for content, it's impressive how you take a pretty serious subject and infuse it with a lightheartedness - an edgy lightheartedness. You word usage is quite rich - 'two angry clowns pickled in smart clothes' - maybe too rich in some places, but it works nevertheless. You also have the gift of letting the piece unfold in an enticing yet gradual way, thus keeping the reader wanting to keep reading. As for form, I'm seeing this non-ryhming couplet format more and more. I don't think it adds or detracts from the poem, but I just find it interesting that it's becoming more common. John Kay uses it exclusively. Anyway, all in all, a well-written, funny, interesting, Woody Allan-ish (self-deprecating) piece.

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Alison Smith 22 February 2007

Interesting lovers tiff... built of a true understanding of the actor and his audience... lines given with precision and action quite captivating... Alison

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George P. Stasiuk 19 December 2006

I like it. Raw, seething, honest with some finely spun imagery. George, once an animal no more

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Masiela Lusha 08 August 2006

Every poem deserves the integrity of honest reality. I love the direct truth in this- something both men and women can understand and appreciate. I look forward to reading your other poems, A.

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Joy Vanderhelm 05 July 2006

Well. well. looks as though there's still quite a lot of talent in you yet, Hassler. An ingenious and edgy look into what is usually a very grand mixture of emotion and insight. A wonderful piece with just the right amount of humour. The tone and language here is superb. Bravo!

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Goldy Locks 30 June 2006

what a smart girl she is- on her ballerina toes. knowing the drink says it all. knowing not to waste her words & her drink(or the drink of a nearby patron) at the same time. i wonder tho, where could you have EVER have gotten an idea as wonderful as this?

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