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I Will Survive...... [when A Relationship Is At An End; Male/Female; In Four Styles Of Poetry] - Poem by Bri Edwards

*[Style One: non-rhyming; non-limerick; free verse (?) : not funny]

I Will Survive

On a cold November afternoon he said
“It’s over. It’s time for you to leave.”
At first I thought “He’s kidding me”,
until I saw in his eyes he told the truth.

“Please pack your things. I’m sorry.
In two days you need to be gone.”
[That shocked me a bit, a lot in fact.
There had been signs, but I was naïve.

We used to spend evenings together.
In August that all changed.
Three nights he now “works” late.
Our (his) bed’s not now so busy.]

“Fine” I said. “I’ll leave sooner.”
[Why prolong the departure?
I‘ll be okay. I’ll manage. Somehow.
I always have. I think I always will.]

**[Style Two: rhyming; non-limerick; not funny]

I Will Survive

A cold November afternoon he said
“You need to move from my house, and from my bed.”
“You’re kidding me” is what I was about to say,
but his eyes said “This is serious; let’s not play.”

“In two days I need you to be out of here.
I’m sorry for this inconvenience my dear.”
[This shocked me a bit, a lot in fact,
but signs of its coming I had not lacked.

We used to spend each evening together.
Now many evenings, alone I’ve had to weather.
Many late nights at “work”, lately, he has spent,
and our love life it seems got up and went..............

“Fine! ” I said. “I’ll be out in just ONE day.”
[I detest prolonged goodbyes. I’ll no longer stay.
I’ll manage somehow. It’ll be okay.
I will survive without him. That is my way.]

***[Style Three: rhyming; non-limerick; humorous]

I Will Survive

One cold November afternoon he said.
“It’s over. It’s time for you to leave my bed.”
[Hesitation. Then I said....] “You’ll miss the way I gave you head! !
But you’re right. It’s over ‘cause lately your thing’s been DEAD! ! ”

He replied: “Whatever. But in two days a new roommate is coming.
Unlike you, this one’s a keeper, not just someone bumming.”
[That shocked me a bit. A lot in fact.
I thought this guy had class, but he’d had no tact.

I guess I was born and will remain a country bumpkin,
with a body of a goddess but the brain of a pumpkin.
Our time spent together evenings had tapered off,
and the most action I’d get in bed was when he’d cough.]

“Okay, fine” I said. “I’ll be out of here by tomorrow night.
Your new roommate might be smart, but I’ll bet she’s a fright! ”
I did NOT say “But I’ll take my furs and I’ll take my jewels,
and your coin collection and all your power tools! ”

****[Style Four: limerick]

I Will Survive

With winter coming he did kick me out.
I did not cry, protest, nor even shout.
Signs were there for me to see.
He no longer did woo me.
But I don’t need HIM, you know! [The dirty lout.]

(November 7,2013)

Poet's Notes about The Poem

i don't know why my wife's computer (on the 'Word' page) insists on typing 'naive' with those two tiny dots over the i. hmmmm?
'any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.' (i borrowed that line from what i've seen at the end of movie credits; i believe in giving credit where credit is due! which style is your favorite, dear reader?

Comments about I Will Survive...... [when A Relationship Is At An End; Male/Female; In Four Styles Of Poetry] by Bri Edwards

  • (11/21/2013 12:30:00 PM)

    Amazing work, Bri! You set the bar high and reached it. Yes, as Paul says - when's the sonnet coming? (Report) Reply

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  • Paul Brookes (11/20/2013 2:17:00 PM)

    Brilliant and very funny. In all styles toooooooooooo I'd love to see it in Sonnet form! ! ! ! ! which reminds me I left a cake in the oven and I have some kicking out to do BB : O)) (Report) Reply

  • Walter C. Edwards (11/19/2013 7:41:00 PM)

    Well done but sad. in all forms. (Report) Reply

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