. It's Over... (Funny) Poem by Eyan Desir

. It's Over... (Funny)

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You broke my heart
So many times
Was he sweeter?
Is he better?
Was the grass greener?
On the other side?
Wipe your eyes
Please don't cry
You meet a monster
Clever like Dracula
Please don't bother me
I am eating lobster
With my brother
I hate your sorry lines
And the stupid lies
Get another guy
My love bye, bye
Shut the door
I need time to recover
Sorry it's over

(LOL Dedicated to Nef)
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Hazem Al Jaber 06 April 2009

it`s over, , don`t cry.. it`s over, , but there is a chance.. it`s over, , but its not the end of life.. so amazing lovely sadly piece.. thank you for sharing.. hazem al..

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Ency Bearis 06 April 2009

substantial write of dislike..expressed well..nice rhymes...

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Lynda Robson 06 April 2009

An angry write about a love that has ended in a bitter way, thanks 10 Lynda xx

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Samweli Butobi 06 April 2009

sure it touches when the one you love leaves you and dates with the other mate. love has its own pillars and needs condusive situation to grow deep. When a lover has a lover he or never know who a good and the real lover is but when he or she has know someone around regrates and know who the best and real lover was. love shifts but true love never end. the sentences I hate your sorry lines And the stupid lies. this give how you are tired of her naggings. good work, whana read more. NB.Drop your comment on my poem 'deep in the soul or just on the bank. if you get a chance. I appriciate

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Alex Hibbert 06 April 2009

This is great.. I recently went through something similar so i know how it feels

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Tina Lio 19 March 2010

great thought, keep up da good work...............it's over, hurt's alot but it okay be strong, there's a time u will not braek ur heart no more.there's r good memories nd bad memories u know it how life is......peace out! ! !

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Jessie Mar 01 July 2009

OK! This one is difficult because when we hold someone as 'special' and they don't live up to our ideals of them, they break our hearts. There is a quote I like by Thomas Jefferson, 'Honesty is the first chapter in the book of Wisdom.' If everyone strived to be the best they can be to one another, less heartache. Deceit is poison to a relationship.

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lisa moore 30 June 2009

aww i know how it feels to have ur heart broken: (

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Naidz Ladia 28 June 2009

this is well presented..it's very impressive..tho this is nicely done ian, but the thought breaks my heart..i don't want the word 'goodbye' coz it means tears.hu pa mu ti? ...naizxenia..

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Nangula Immanuel 22 April 2009

Hi Eyan! Another beautifully written piece. Well done! ! Saying it's over is easier said then done, but beautifully written none the less.

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