It Was My Time Poem by Lee Degnan

It Was My Time

Rating: 5.0

ears ringing
it's all drowned out anyway
from the hum of my car
as it accelerates,
to the constant
of the last time we spoke

eyes stinging
like salt in a wound
I can't see the road because
tears do that I guess
yet I push my car
to go faster
by racing away from reality

heart leaping
as all shuts down around me
I'm no longer gripping the wheel
or this life
I've wanted done
I've so sought, so is found

John Tiong Chunghoo 08 October 2006

so real and frightening. good poem.

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Duncan Wyllie 08 October 2006

This is so powerful and so sad at the same time Well projected Love duncan X

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David Gerardino 11 October 2006

I've wanted done closure, great line.............nice poem............10

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Roger Bowman 07 December 2006

Another heartbreakin story poemo Lee... Lots of Love Roger

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Jemarie Ragudo 27 November 2007

I admire gifted poets like you who can use words (effortless) to show the intensity of one's emotion when fueled by painful memory. You're certainly my favorite Lee.

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Meggie Gultiano 17 August 2007

very simple but well penned, Lee..another great works of yours.. love and hugs, Meggie

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 11 August 2007

Powerfully stunning piece, young lady...You could feel the travestic build-up as it was so very well architected by well as the mellifluous structure that cascaded ssmoothly throughout...Another gem, my friend! ~ ~ ~

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Dr.subhendu Kar 15 July 2007

Really heartful personally as it happens to everybody when passiong through the eternal stream, beautiful penning with ingenuity, i do appreciate

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Jade Leven 13 June 2007

This poem touched me so much when I first read it. There are different ways to interpret it, and yet, I have the strange feeling that everyone who has read this poem understands it and relates to it as if it were their own experience. Very well written. Be proud of it. -Jade

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