Ynnad Piscina

Jaded - Poem by Ynnad Piscina

A long time ago a woman so fair,
Possessed loving qualities so truly rare

She met a man looking with love on his mind.
He felt truly blessed for this wonderful find

He was in love and said all the right things.
They shared in the happiness which only love brings

Despite their beautiful love, a tragedy occurred.
The man just vanished, without even a word.

Though misguided, he did have his reasons.
He ran far away for many a seasons.

She hoped and prayed for what could not be kept.
She wondered what happened while she had slept.

Despite his distance and all his time away,
His deepest thoughts returned to her every day.

During the absence she did all to survive.
Praying one day feelings of love would revive.

Family loss and the trials of life soon took their toll.
Revisited, the caregiver, an all too familiar role.

Along the way many relationships were made,
But all too often her happiness would fade.

For years she’d been controlled and sadly mistreated.
Denied what she desperately desired and needed.

Resulting from pain, it should not be a shock,
This beautiful woman’s heart was now as a rock.

Free from his burden the man returns again.
Searching for her and the beautiful heart to win.

Hoping for forgiveness found only in her heart,
He saw what had happened, ashamed for his part.

She gave her forgiveness; to that end he is free.
But his mind still wanders to that which could be.

He gazed and thought on her deeply and knew in his mind,
He could see through the deep stone to the loving beauty inside.

She told him all secrets, all woes that been made.
He soon realized that her heart was entombed in jade.

Despite the years and her jaded past, he loves her even more.
For all her hopes and dreams he wanted to restore.

Deep down inside him, raged an uncontrollable fire.
An endless commitment to give her happiness and grant every desire.

There was only on path that he knew he must choose.
The hopeful reward of her love he knew he must not lose.

Through many trials, many must have been hell.
She must start anew, to live and live well.

She is terrified of change and is afraid of the how.
He wants to be with her, and help her for this is his vow.

“To be by her side forever along the way.
To beautifully sculpt the jade every day.
To never leave her, forsake her, or hold on to the past.
To always love her and hold until breath leaves him at last.
To support her, uplift her and always be true.
To cheer her, restore her and her happiness too.”
His Promise
Though Jade is a stone, it has value untold.
When sculpted carefully it has beauty to behold.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 12, 2010

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