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July 2017's ' All-Male '-Showcase Of Poems Of & For Poem Hunter Poets ….[ A Selection By Bri, Of Poems For Your Enjoyment; Read Or Not! ] - Poem by Bri Edwards

June's 'All-Female Showcase' is done; it's even had some readers!
Now my ‘job' begins: to find ‘Poems-as-Good by Males'. No cheaters.. …….are allowed!
As best as Bri can tell, the 'females' are females and 'males' are all males.
But, online, who can tell for sure? Relying on PH names OR ‘pics' sometimes fails,
I'm sure.

So now I'm soliciting poems, from 'Males', for my current consideration.
I'm still wanting less than 30 lines each***, but there're no other classifications.
Limericks, Free Verse, Sonnets, and others are welcome. Good grammar is a plus,
but, though typos ‘and' misspellings jolt me a bit, I'll try to not raise (too much) fuss!
[I'll try.]

I hope more are reading at least some of the Showcase …..than evidence, to me, suggests.
But I know no one twists my arm(s) to do this each month, and I assure you I'll lose no rest …..
if someday I learn that only about half a dozen members ever take more than a little peek;
in the meantime I'll tell myself that this ‘make-work' keeps my mind fit, though that argument is WEAK!

(June 19th 2017)

Bri :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
post script aka p.s.:

IF i don't forget, i shall include ONE 'Female' POEM in July. in June, i inadvertently failed to include a poem by my PH friend Lyn Paul.
i guess since her last name 'Paul' is the same as some guys' first
name, AND her first name is one 'n' short of the male name 'Lynn', as in Lynn W. Petty, sneaking Lyn's poem into an 'all-male' showcase will
be easy! !

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here is a new format for my/our monthly ‘Showcase of AND for PoemHunter Poets'.

***Although my introductory poem for July 2017's showcase indicates that I am still wanting poems of less than 30 lines, I AM NOW ACCEPTING, even encouraging LONGER poems! ! ! !

But I have borrowed an idea I believe my dear ‘mate'/wife AND my PH friend Savita Tyagi both have suggested to me. Not only will this format shorten the physical length of the showcase on this ‘page', but it will allow you to enter each poet's PH site, landing on their showcase poem's page. All you should have to do is ‘Copy and Paste' the ‘link'**** I am providing for each poem you wish to read. Then you will already be on the page where you can also leave a comment which the poet will receive and which other readers may read. And you can then quickly access other poems and information provided about each poet by himself (or herself) . I hope this new, more ‘technologically-advanced' format meets with YOUR approval. Comments to Bri are always welcome, pro OR con.
Bri Edwards :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
****WELL, PoemHunter does NOT ALLOW links in the text of a poem, SO I can NOT put the links to poems into the Showcase! ! ! BUT maybe readers can take the line below each poet's name and add the part of the link that I have to leave out, sneaking around PH's rules. Let me try it and tell you more later.

IT IS NOW 'later'. Here is what to do to get to a poem's page:

1 - Open a new tab on computer.

2 - Type or 'copy and paste' [on the line where the link 'name' should be] the following three lines. THEN, using as an example the line below Lynn W. Petty's name (see below) , type or 'copy and paste' the line under the poet's name from the list below. [see THE POETS, below]:


L et me try it now. OK! It worked! ! ! Try it and see if it works for you; let me know if you have trouble, but first repeat my instructions at least once, please. Maybe you can 'make it' work for you. Good luck! !

:) bri

p.s. SINCE I am [trying to] lead(ing) you to the poets' poem pages, I am NOT making any 'corrections' in the poets' English usage. So, be warned that the ENGLISH, including spelling and punctuation, MAY NOT BE CORRECT in some poems.

============================================= =======================
THE POETS, & Partial-Links TO July showcase POEMS

1 -By Lynn W. Petty:

2 -By Darwin Henry Beuning

3 -By Andy (Paul) Brookes

4 -By Is It Poetry
< br>5 -By Brian Johnston

6 -By Rod Mendieta

7 -By Lyn Paul [female guest]

8 -By Loke Kok yee

9 -By Stuart Munro
[Bri's note: This guy is sometimes sillier than Bri! ]

10 -By Kim Barney

11 -By Kelly Kurt

12 -By Akhtar Jawad

13 -By Tom Allport

15- By Glenn Anderson

16 -By Ellias Anderson C.A (Known as captain A)

17 -By R. G. Bell

18 -By Tom Billsborough

19 -By Jak Black

20 -By Daniel Brick

21 -By Charles Bukowski
('famous poet'! ; 1920-1994)

22 -By John Carter Brown

23 -By devon da poet

24 -By Roald Dahl (
'famous poet'! ; 1916 -1990)

25 -By David Darbyshire

26 -By Charles Darnell

27 -By Greg Davidson

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Bri's notes:

more birds! !

Readers, i started this list by looking for poems from MyPoemList, aka my 'favorite poems' on PH, written by some of my 'favorite friends' on PH.

Then i decided it would be EASIER to just look through the 130 pages [[about 20 pages are poems by 'Bri']] in MyPoemList and find authors as they are listed alphabetically in............................MyPoemList.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

29 -By Bri Edwards
a-lonely-cloud-nature-observation-humo r

30 -By Abekah Emmanuel

31 -By JJ Evendon

32 -By Frank N. Footer

33 -By Thomas Hardy
('famous author'; 1840 - 1928)

34 -By kanav justa

35 -By Xelam Kan

36 -By Stephen Katona

37 -By Richard Lackman

38 -By M.J. Lemon

39 -By Eugene Levich

40 -By Bri Mar
[i THINK this poet is a male]

41 -By Brian Mayo

42 -By Mihir Modi

43 -By M.D Dinesh Nair

44 -By Madathil Rajendran Nair

45 -By Sk. Nurul Huda

46 By James Gates Percival
(a distant relative of 'Bri'; 1795-1856)

47 -By Clarence Prince

48 -By TAPAN Saren

49 -By Douglas Scotney

50 -By Howard Simon

51 -By Mike Smiff

52 -By The King That Was Big Head

53 -By Long Tooth
[Bri's note: This MUST be a male!
What female would call herself 'Long Tooth'? ]

54 -By Spock The Vegan

55 -By WES Vogler

56 -By John Westlake
178. Man In The Mirror

=================================== ====

Thanks to anyone who read any of this! I hope you will visit some of the
poets' pages, and maybe even leave comments! ! For most of these poems
I have left one or more comments in the past at each of these poems and
then again when I took to use in this showcase.


Bri Edwards aka Brian Edward Whitaker (in the 'real world')

June 29,2017

Topic(s) of this poem: men, poems, poets, sharing

Poet's Notes about The Poem

i may, like last month, collect all the 20-30 poems from 20-30 poets, and throw them into the showcase around the first of the month. OR, as in other months, i may add poems one or two or more at a time, until i stop and close out the showcase near the end of the month.

bri :) [better known in the real world as brian edward whitaker]

Comments about July 2017's ' All-Male '-Showcase Of Poems Of & For Poem Hunter Poets ….[ A Selection By Bri, Of Poems For Your Enjoyment; Read Or Not! ] by Bri Edwards

  • Remadevi Puthenveetil (7/11/2017 9:14:00 AM)

    Hi Bri,

    Marvelous selection.
    Esteemed to find my poem among this elite poets. Obliged.

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  • Abekah EmmanuelAbekah Emmanuel (7/8/2017 8:09:00 AM)

    Dear Bri Edwards,

    Thanks for the honour. I will surely visit their sites and read their poems. You are doing well..keep it up!

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  • Bharati NayakBharati Nayak (7/1/2017 9:49:00 AM)

    I look forward to reading poems i this Show-case. (Report)Reply

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  • Bri EdwardsBri Edwards (6/29/2017 11:26:00 PM)

    ATTENTION! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    i think PH is to blame for the following irregularities in my list:

    4 -By Is It Poetry
    [ br]5 -By Brian Johnston
    gf-georgia-people-jumping.................................i did not type it like this. delete the [br] and skip a space, please.

    likewise for:

    27 -By Greg Davidson
    [ br]28 -By UNNIKRISHNAN E S

    bri :)

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