Justice Part 2 Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Justice Part 2

Rating: 4.8

I'm walking
I'm walking
I can hear
The hospital talking

Doctor death
Wants to get
In my head

Laid me on the bed
Put electrodes
To my head
Blasted me
Till I'm nearly dead

They knew I'd confessed
With voices
In my head

Now they was
Trying to make
Me dead

Did they think
I wouldn't survive
Did they think
I'd go and hide

As the years
Rolled by
My demons
Said goodbye

Now it's time
To have justice
On my side
Doctor death
You can't hide
It's justice time

Monday, September 19, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: justice
Stefanie Fontker 19 September 2011

And it arrives! Part two to your amazing tale. I'm glad you've completed it. I love this, it's mysterious, and has a certain feel to it. Beautiful.

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Eric Cockrell 19 September 2011

strong, cold, and raw... like it a lot!

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Abby Bland 20 September 2011

oh this ones really good, and thanks for liking mine its about self harm

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Unwritten Soul 20 September 2011

Chill...the part two giving more surprise episode...It's cold like Eric told but it awesome...I like this it such another dimension from Part 1..simply like it.....The now i feel scared to meet doctor hahaha joking! _Unwritten Soul

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Vanilla Thriller 20 September 2011

Creative concept! The suspense it builds is crazy. I really like it!

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Whispering Rose 11 November 2011

I love the way you write, it keeps me interested till the very last word and wanting more

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Ramesh Rai 08 November 2011

justice never dies, justice finds its own level. nice poem. full marks. sorry for delay.

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Juan Olivarez 24 September 2011

I think the poem is great, but remember, justice is mine, sayeth the lord.

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Kalpak Kaplash 23 September 2011

justice...nice thought dave

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Malaya Roses 22 September 2011

Human might be able to gain a real justice after he could kill the demon within and I believed that the poet was found his way to welcome the truth and fear nothing in his life. Well done! ! !

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