Karma's Lessons Poem by Dee Corpolongo

Karma's Lessons

Rating: 5.0

Today would've been my Dad's birthday
so throughout the day my thoughts return
of all the yesterdays of growing up
and what I would eventually learn

I realize just how Karma works
and has truly played its part
and all the pains from long ago
would be imbedded in my heart.

I remember wanting my own room
so I moved upstairs one day
Across from me was 'Dad's Dog House'
where his treasures were tucked away

He had a door on it half made of glass
with two nude decals of Marilyn Monroe
anyone visiting me would always comment
I got teased relentlessly by some I know

Having had a bad temper tantrum
I smashed that glass one day
Now those embarrassing nudies
have finally gone away!

Afterward and some time later
I continued this destructive spree
Until finally coming to the conclusion
It was pent up anger inside of me

Years later when I was married
I sadly felt those feelings of loss
When my husband had fits of rage
breaking my things to show whose boss

Now gone are days of destruction
A peaceful life I finally live
Wishing dad was here to realize
how we all one day must forgive.

Happy Birthday, dear ol' dad.....♥
I miss you more than you will know
I gradually learn these lessons
and will carry them wherever I go.



Just expressing my thoughts to my dad in heaven on his birthday with so much love.....
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 16 November 2013

Such a touching marvelous poem! I admire d way u recollect in fine rhyme. My man is a great smasher of tings too in fits of jealousies. I tel u yor dad must b proud of dis poem. Marilyn monroe eh. Hmm. Hey n Pls do read my latest poem too.

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Valerie Dohren 23 November 2013

I think we all get angry from time to time, it is human nature. I am sure your dad knew this and understood, and we all have karmic debts to pay of. You have expressed your feelings so well here Dee in an excellent poem.

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Noreen Carden 25 November 2013

Hello Dee what a lovely thought to send your message winging its way to your dad in heaven by way of this lovely poem the great thing about parents is their unconditional love so im sure your dad is returning your love a hundredfold.Great read well done

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Patricia Grantham 25 November 2013

A wonderful and beautifully crafted write Dee. This really and truly touched my heartr and soul. It brings back many fond memories of my father. Forgive and forget are two great words that gets us through life. A very inspiring write to have read. Lovely.

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Lyn Paul 30 November 2013

Such beautiful words Dee. Your Dad knows how much you miss him for sure. You have given us such an insight to your life and I thank you so much for this.

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Geetha Jayakumar 08 December 2013

Amazing write. we also loose tempers but as the years pass down, we learn many things especially to forgive one. Powerful poem. Loved it.

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Heather Wilkins 02 December 2013

we all lose of tempers from time to time. I guess thats just life. a fine write Dee

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Smoky Hoss 02 December 2013

Amazing. What a wonderful, and powerful poem. I absolutely love it! So good. I'd give it a double-ten plus if I could.

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Valsa George 02 December 2013

So moving, so unpretentious! In youth, we are likely to blow up for silly reasons! But as we mature in age, our temper tantrums die down and we are able to see the weaknessess of others with greater tolerance and understanding! Now your heart is filled with love for your Dad and remorse for the offense you gave him! Very sweetly expressed, Dee!

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Kanav Justa 01 December 2013

.. what a wonderful write.... very sweet indeed...

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