Diamond In The Rough Poem by Lee Crowell

Diamond In The Rough

Rating: 5.0

we found you on the open dock
a child with eyes of age
we took you in for the good of our sins
and a greater fear of god's rage
there was no wind behind the sail that night,
a blight of the mighty puff
when you dragged us home by the northern light
you were the diamond in the rough

we cracked open the wine at quarter past nine
by midnight we took it outdoors
and you begged us the chance to join this barefoot dance
with the sandy beach as our floor
we bore a hole in the soul of the saint you are
there was no fill could be enough
to quench the thirst of your lust for life
you were the diamond in the rough

when the harbor bears a gruesome face
you melt it with your charm
shoulder to shoulder with cutthroats and thieves
gives you no cause for alarm
but in the shadows where the predators prowl
from a distance one might call your bluff
and swiftly he'll learn of his fatal mistake
from the diamond in the rough


Open up very well for the reader.. This has great thoughts thank you for sharing great write Krista

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Fiona Davidson 07 February 2009

Absolutly brilliant write Lee....talent shines through this diamond in the rough...well written and very well done you..thank you...Fi10++++

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Catrina Heart 07 February 2009

Fabulous opus...great theme and crafted with a very nice message..........10/10

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Vaibhav Pandey 07 February 2009

outstanding poem.....bravo! !

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Ency Bearis 07 February 2009

Beautiful poem..great write..what more I can say..10

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M A 16 May 2009

Very fascinating. You have woven a great suspense and 'flummoxed' the reader. Is it a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide?

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Sue S. 06 April 2009

There is a book called 'Mr. God, this is Anna'. This poem could be about Anna. Well worth a read!

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Sally Plumb 09 March 2009

I was called a rough diamond when I was young.Makes me think of quite enjoyable times. Ha! I love this one.

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Kesav Easwaran 09 February 2009

exceptional poem, Lee...classic...i must say...10+

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Angelica Ortiz 08 February 2009

a classic pirate chant! beautifully started and beautiful ended. great job!

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