I Believe Before Everything Began, Before Time Poem by Bob Blackwell

I Believe Before Everything Began, Before Time

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The page is blank, pen is poised.
Before time, before things happen,
there was nothing, save for a void,
a nothingness, a emptiness, no life
or consciousness, a space unfilled.

No word is written, no thoughts,
nothing is recorded, no story,
before history, before time began,
a nonentity of everything, of all.

No moon, no stars, no planets,
no galaxies, no universe, no sun.
No milky way, no solar flares,
no comets, just one black hole.

A sphere of spirit, an energy,
a lifeforce, that knew no limit;
a supreme dormant power
filled the void, it had no name,
no presence, it is not there.

All is still, silence is the rule,
no tiny cogs to measure time,
no sun, no shadows, no sundial,
just eternal time, one moment
is suspended in no time at all.

An emptiness that settled, had no
divisions, no separate ways, it is
unmoving, it had no limits, it’s spread
boundless, its reach was to infinity.

Still in eternal time, a spark ignites
the dormant spirit, it then expands,
void explodes, life’s energy free to
spread its consciousness unlimited,
life’s current to all corners of infinity.

A word is written, history opens,
start of continuous moving time.
Life’s energy makes stars, planets
other worlds, our universe, our sun,
our moon, our earth, our milky way.

This same spirit created earth with
its mountains, hills, oceans, seas,
forests, deserts, rolling plains,
icecaps, and lovely valley streams.

Creatures great and small are made,
lifes cascade of energy spreads, to all,
its current a continuous moving flow
of consciousness for all new life made.

Human life evolves, ability to think
given, our thoughts remembered,
feelings and emotions given, our
intelligence, our knowledge improves.

All this made possible by life’s spirit
which flows unbroken through all that
it has created and all that it will create.
It is the current of life’s creation the
same eternal spirit flows through all.

We all come from that same
moment of eternal time that
held the spark that set free the
dormant spirit in the empty void,
to let consciousness go free.

This moment contains all time,
all history that is gone, all thoughts
all deeds, all loves lost and gained,
all achievements, victories, losses,
our hopes, our dreams, our lives.

Today this same life spirit flows,
it is our own true selves, and has
an eternal energy that never dies.
Lifes spirit binds, its flow joins us
to everything, to all, we are One.
Together we make up one large Soul.
We are life, we are part of life’s flow.

You ask was supreme dormant power
that had no name, God? You can give
it that name, if you feel it makes it right,
for it was and is the greatest power we
know, for it shares its spirit with all,
so we and everything can have a life.

This means however we all must care for,
love, cherish and help everything we see.
Because you see, what we see is me
and you, and all me’s and you’s, and
everything, make up lifes spirit, our soul.

If we all work together to heal our
world, we will succeed, for our unity
of purpose, our Oneness, will ensure we
are the greatest power that’s ever been!

Together we can work miracles, like
that the supreme power you called God.

Sandra Martyres 03 October 2009

Very deep and thorough reflections on the passage of time, eons ago before the birth of the planets and the consciousness and the hand of God in the process... You cover so much in these lines including philosophy and spirituality...a very commendable piece that must have taken a lot of time and thought to write...Excellent 10++++

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Alison Cassidy 30 September 2009

A carefully considered and eloquently expressed tale about the beginning of time - a tale that has been told by so many different cultures in so many different and interesting ways over ions. Your central theme is pivotal and unequivocal - that we are all one; that there is no separation; that we are all responsible for the wellbeing of the most insignificant as well as the most significant. I nodded my head in recognition as I read your words - familiar and yet unique, as all creative expression must be. There is an optimistic thread running through your words Bob, which I relate to and applaud. Thank you for sharing this. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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G. Murdock 26 September 2009

You cover some great ideas and areas here Bob. The main theme is spiritual evolution (in my humble estimate.) I see this in reality only in the idealistic sense of 'spritualism'. I hope if a casual observer of this riotous shitstorm is watching, he/she/it appreciates the wonderful inventions we've conjured and forged to produce a killing capability only a mad inventor would appreciate. As a race we are crazy naked apes. Even the ones who pretend to be humble and holy are as insane as any soldier on the battle field. The paternal order is entrenched deeply in our psyche and has shaped the world and 'God 'in a way which benefits big daddy. In this country the senators and congressmen are all pitching for the corporate team and their only role now is to protect and maintain wealth and empire. Not the common wealth of country and people but the detached and marginalized captains of industry who have utilized a banking and credit system as complicated as the workings of a swiss watch to enslave and exploit the Eloy like naive citizens who garner their knowledge from corporate news. All of this worship of money and killing for it in the name of God and Freedom leaves little energy for the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. If the one God produced this nuthouse of the Universe from nothing, think of what we could have been had he/she/it something to work with. Your poem is inspiring and hopeful and perhaps that's what we all need as individuals and nations.

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Aziz Alkaabi 25 September 2009

Wisdom unrestrained here, Flowing as she pleases between astonishing reflections and wonderful lines, All this made possible by life’s spirit which flows unbroken through all that it has created and all that it will create. It is the current of life’s creation, How wiser can someone, A happy person, Can be! ! I wonder! !

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Vidi Writes 24 September 2009

'A word is written, history opens' This particular line.. got framed into the middle It just balances the first half of this poetry and the rest. Dear poet... its just superb write And do you know... where have you taken a reader like me? ? ? To tell you with all my sincerity... Into a perfect 'word musium' Where each word... i re-read To perfectly catch this phenomenal theory of silence and beyond. Wonderful...Thrilled to read this.

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Charles Wanjohi 07 December 2009

This one is refreshing. The mind behind it is wise. All men need to recall their roots thus they will be able to live in harmony like it was the mind of God. Thanks for sharing.

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Bob Gibson 17 October 2009

A mind blowing poem Bob, loved it

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Ritty Patnaik 14 October 2009

dear bob.....i am left speechless after reading this poem.! here is something after my heart.god bless you.to understand, the essence of time, one needs to have the right spirit.and you have it ! once again, it is a great write! best wishes ritty

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 10 October 2009

Awesome Bob - in the calm beauty of creation, insignificant as it may seem in this great universe, we are indeed part of G-ds plan

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Lynda Robson 06 October 2009

An epic piece which is full of reflections of time and for once I am lost for words, I can imagine the little boy sitting in the chapel thinking about all these things, Deg 10 Lynda xxx

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