Life Lies And Deceit Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Life Lies And Deceit

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Eyes of the innocent
Lies of the guilty
float around like loose atoms
Ready to collide
Ready to explode in my mind

False confessions
To tie in with lies,
lies of the witnesses
So they don't have to hide

Will they ever come forward
and say it was all a lie
Or will they
Let the innocent people die
In their life lies and deceit

Vipins Puthooran 08 December 2011

I like innocent lies if 'tis n't harmful, , , But this world is full of insincere truth and deceit, , . Though there're a lot honest people around us.. I like this poem, ,

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Rekha Mandagere 07 December 2011

We all learnt 'Honesty is the Best policy' innocently in our schools. But just after completing education, what a suffocating condition one has to face in this world full of lies and deceit.Friend, you have shown the contrast between innocence and lies so powerfully, and the vocabulary used here made me silent and pushed me to think. Nice work.

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Jacqui Broad 05 December 2011

Honesty is such a good quality, isn't it? I don't tell lies, because I wouldn't like to be lied to, but thanks for reminding me that not all people feel the same. I'll be more careful of liars and deceitful people, thanks, a magnificent poem, written with truth!

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Unwritten Soul 03 December 2011

True words :) Lie in life is unseen until we got trapped..just like quicksand, and to fight the quicksand we do not act clumsily or panic so we will lost all in a minutes, relax and think in peace, at least we can delay while can think first..In life lies, we dont turn angry and make decision so fast when it's not clear about things we face, find the tools to rescue..and lie in life always look good in eyes, as the lies never stay lower than a perfect seal..Nice reminder, i like this remind me and make me things all i said, without this words i maybe lost in quicksand too..tq Dave! _Soul

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Afterall that's just how lives are lived out there, With too much deceit. Its all to wish for the impossible, that one day they will come and surrender that it was all a lie. Wonderful!

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