Life For The Living Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Life For The Living

Rating: 5.0

A painful memory
of a time gone by
Slices through my mind
Like a fine cheese wire

Reminding me
That life is for the living

Pari Dharawat 16 November 2011

Small yet strong poem, the advice is sincere. Even mundane things around us have the power to remind about living. nice poem

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Unwritten Soul 16 November 2011 hit the light when it is dark, you leave the past for better life...all you've done here to cover all bad with smile..a hope to survive..Live your life with passion after all pain you face with patient :) _Unwritten Soul

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Eric Cockrell 19 November 2011

yes it is... live strong, and dare to risk... another good poem!

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Smoky Hoss 19 November 2011

'Live to give.', and by your wonderful writing you do give well, keep it up.

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Jacqui Broad 19 November 2011

Yes, I have to agree, but if we die we live till eternity. This life is just a train station...

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James William 31 December 2011

is it true life is for a living i knew it great poem

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Ramesh Rai 29 November 2011

Really, Life is for living. great poem. great thoughts. xlent.

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Len Webster 24 November 2011

Concise. I can almost hear - as well as feel - the slicing!

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Melvin Banggollay 23 November 2011

Short yet vividly speaks the longest essence of life. Great piece brother.

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Smoky Hoss 22 November 2011

Memories, both tough and gentle, are the seeds that grow into hope. Good poem.

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