Lifes Too Short Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Lifes Too Short

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Paranoid thoughts
of a world in greed
People trying to be better
Than the one next door

Why don't they
just live their life and be happy
Lifes too short
to play it like a sport
Trying to score a point
on the one next door

Be happy with what you've got
or before you know it you'll be in a box
Your life will be gone
with nothing to show

Unwritten Soul 14 December 2011

Life's too short in the eyes of realistic, beholder of lenses worn by Optimistic...Life is too long for the patients who cant live away from pain, the sight owner of pessimistic. Take care of what you thinking coz it's like personal guider to see you in a way of your customized future, planned by present mind_Your lil Soul

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Vipins Puthooran 13 December 2011

[life is too short; so love, learn and live]'Tis a wonderful poem! ! !

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Danny Hammell 12 December 2011

Excellent poem, and thank you for reading my poem, too. This poem says a lot and it that, 'trying to go one better' That has made society some what ignorant and out for themselves. Was a pleasure to read you words here. Kind regards

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Smoky Hoss 13 September 2016

Great advice; and so very true.

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Louis Kasatkin 12 January 2012

Nice-in the proper sense of the word.Punchy and circumspect.Like a Top 30 single from the 70's.

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Ramesh Rai 15 December 2011

really friend, life is too short, nice poem

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Christine Blaydes 14 December 2011

good poem, very true.

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Jacqui Broad 14 December 2011

Hi Dave, you nailed this one. Life really is too short to keep up with the Joneses. Everyone only has one life so we must make the best of it. Try and find innerpeace, love and wisdom. A really great poem!

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