Life Of A Cuddy Poem by Rage'n Curtis

Life Of A Cuddy

Rating: 2.7

This goes to all the cuddies
in the camps,
Puff'n their meds and
grow'n the plants.

The streets get tougher
every mutha F'n day
Just liv'n life to the fullest on this F'n
High way.

Highway 96 gett'n my
Fix, still hate'n pricks n politcs
with a pasion.
All my natives survive'n
with a similar fashion.

Everyday face'n the fear of Jail
cuddies watch me bail to a trail
with the cops on my tail still buzzn on
some ail.
Cause they know I never fail
to deliver that green on the river
I aint no forgiver if u no what I mean.

Yea, u know what I mean
that killer chronic that all my
crazy cut throat native's fiend for
more, so I cant just ignor.

This goes out 2 all my Natives n the Camps
Livin like Champs! !
Peace the F@#$ OUT! !

immortal Butterfly 04 May 2009

Intense...I love it! ~Autumn~

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Rose Cook 02 May 2009

very nice i like your writing

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Amber Vasquez 30 April 2009

Man that was awsome!

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Mel Vincent Basconcillo 30 April 2009

this is poetic and invigorating..great poem

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Jazz Annis 18 May 2009

that made me lol that was really good.

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The Native Emo 12 May 2009

hey babe this is nice U have a nice poetic side to u and that is why I luv u

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Britney Hogue 11 May 2009

yep i can dig it. Nice flow to your write.

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! l0v3 2 g3t l@! d 07 May 2009

very affecting makes me feel things..... ;) well written and i love ur style

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Hana K 07 May 2009

hooo.... i dont really unserstand, but my teacher said ' a good poem is a poem that one would hardly understand' or so i though. i like your style

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