Life's Chaos Poem by Lyn Paul

Life's Chaos

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There is a time in our lives
When a change is so needed
You love every moment of life's beauty
Disliking, every part of Life's Chaos

Such beauty
Keeps you alive
To juggle and glide
Through Life's Chaos

Keeps you seeking
Appreciation of living is so great
This builds hope to possibilities
Though not the dream

The want for that change
So great
High on this want
That it cannot be far

The Chaos of Life
I am seeking to clear
To unload the load
To enjoy each moment

Each Moment
Life's Chaos


Copyright reserved July 2015
Lyn Paul

Life's Chaos
Monday, July 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: believe,change,hope,life
Tony Karas 28 July 2015

The Chaos Of Life.... totally, dead spot on. It seems like more often than not life keeps getting in the was of living. An excellent write!

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Paul Warren 28 July 2015

I think you have a point, with order being one of the things we strive for. Thanks Lynn it is something to think about.

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Valerie Dohren 28 July 2015

Sometimes life seems to hold too much chaos - good philosophical write Lyn, in your own inimitable style.

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Douglas Scotney 28 July 2015

Have a read of 'All Quiet On The Western Front', Lyn. After all the days when things were happening, it happened on a day when nothing was happening..

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Kavya . 30 July 2015

how true - we al long for a chaos free life, free from stress and all the worldly worries. Enjoy the beauty of Life.

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 August 2016

To unload the load! ! Facing the ways of life. Thanks for sharing.

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Amitava Sur 23 August 2015

A nice penning expressing a harsh fact of our life ie, CHAOS. Yes right from the starting point we have to face and tackle chaos only and that is the misery of life. None can avoid that. Hence, knowing that fact I believe that in this given condition whatever pleasing moments you are left with, you are to enjoy them without harming others.You have to praise and appreciate full heartedly the beauties around you. That itself will salvage us where crime, hatreds, or other vices will beget you nothing.

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Hazel Durham 09 August 2015

To live is to enjoy life in a carefree way but sometimes life can become a chore with daily chaos, we have to find the courage to change our lives to embrace the beauty all around us! The truth beautifully expressed!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 August 2015

Life has many chaoses still than we overcome these and enjoy lovely moment s. So nicely envisioned and aptly presented. Stunning write. TFS. ..... 10

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Valsa George 03 August 2015

Life is one of chaos and happiness intertwined! If we can extricate the beautiful moments consciously and deliberately from the heap of chaos, life can be made beautiful! We all wish to lead a life free of chaos, but that is impossible.....! The possible thing for us is to enjoy the happy moments to the maximum! Rightly put, Lyn!

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Lyn Paul

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