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Liquid Gold

The tub was quickly filling just like everyday before.
Today, something was different and it burned within my core.

As I was gently lounging, just letting the tub fill
I realized the irony and what a bitter pill.

This water that I'm watching could easily save a life.
This could make the difference for a man, his kids and wife.

I quickly stopped the water out of reflex more than need.
I felt almost ashamed of myself for nurturing my greed.

How can I lie here lounging, just wasting ''liquid gold''
while just a drink would save them, the young as well as old?

Allan James Saywell 03 September 2005

this poem hit right to the core how tough are we when the condition calls for us to stand up and be counted as a people when we are deprived of the things in life we take for granted like water, food and a roof over our heads history is full of tradgedy a great write mary WARM REGARDS ALLAN

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Tears In Rain 03 September 2005

This is very poignant and timely. How quickly we forget that we live like kings and queens but more often than not undeservedly so.

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Mary Nagy 03 September 2005

Written in reaction to hurricane Katrina.

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Brian Dorn 04 July 2006

Mary, to us it's just water but for so many others the line between life and death is as clear as clean water. We waste it, they crave it. A powerful and compassionate write! Brian

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Tony Jennett 11 October 2005

Oops Mary do I hear the screech of the ploughshare hitting bedrock in this poem's last couplet?

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Uriah Hamilton 03 September 2005

Mary, you are so beautiful and considerate, and I appreciate that!

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Kelly Allen Vinal 03 September 2005

Being stuck in the desert, I miss taking baths - and I don't even like them. I do like this poem, however!

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Herbert Nehrlich1 03 September 2005

There are at least a couple of hearts in evidence here. H

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