~ Love A Guided Ministral Missile! Lol! ! ~ Poem by MS. NIVEDITA BAGCHI SPC. UK.

~ Love A Guided Ministral Missile! Lol! ! ~

Rating: 4.4

Ms. Nivedita, UK

My He ….XY
My analysis on love is …
20% somatic …stales later.
80% psychic …vide infra…

Psychic love a vast esplanade …
Comfortably stroll without being subordinate …
It’s the alchemy of loving many …
Being Secondless with any…

P.S. Love a guided minstrel missile. LOL!
Not to hurt but to soothe Soul! !
Ha Ha Ha


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Almedia Knight-Oliver 02 October 2009

A unique description of love...I love your expression of love. A 10+++

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Allemagne Roßmann 06 October 2009

Not only but also............Love.... Do read my love series poems like Flowers Of Love, One Cup Of Coffee, And the Stakes Dont Get High Anymore for an inquisitive analysis in the DOW JONES of love.......

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I propped up psychically by the caption of this poem! ! ‘Being Secondless with any…’ say Wao wow yahooooooo [joy]. Ten Secondlessly LOL

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Carol Gall 06 January 2010

you have a special way of writing love and i like it 10

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Bachha Chakravorty 28 February 2010

A unique post modem poem…packed with vibe emotion…new way to caption the poem heart touching and feeling... 10+

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Zack Krzeminski 01 August 2010

hmm an interesting read no doubt and yet for one such as myself who does not know such said meaning of love i can honorably say that this poem has me stumped but i give it a 10 cause its sincerely amazing

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David Beckham 29 July 2010

Like Rainbow with many colors, love has many colors. One color of it, the poet has shared with us. But like all rainbow, it ultimately should have the 'pot of gold' at the end end of it. lol. The End justifies the means and to bring it back to this poem, it is an interesting take on the mental adjustment (psychic) needed to allow love flow freely and open like a walk way! Very good indeed.10

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Hon’ble Poet Apoet Bangla [1] I thank you for your keen and poetic interest and sincerely welcome it. Apropos your quarries…well when a poet writes a poem the then vibe [noetic condition] one registers and reflects… [2] It is and can be interpreted by many ways, colors, texture, and flavor and so on by readers [as we find myriad comments and discussions by many able and awakened literati on a given poem or piece]. [3] So I should leave it to readers’ interpretations and discussion. [4] Sure as I’ve Great Indian origin and some reading in Indian scriptures …from cache of subconscious bubbles are surfacing but at the time [honestly speaking] writing Upanishad’s write up 'Madhubata hritayate.’ This thought vividly was not present… Finally for sure I can say I’m not a Nun but wee poet Sir. lolol Regards Ms. Nivedita PS Love Life Death [any emotion] may be in straight line, a helical, entwined, enlaced curved, circled or many more things known and unknown yet n - Copy to Apoet Bangla

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Pranab K Chakraborty 07 May 2010

Psychic love a vast esplanade … Comfortably stroll without being subordinate … It’s the alchemy of loving many … Being Secondless with any… Perhaps you have got this Idea from Upanishads! 'Madhubata hritayate......................' Then my asking when Jibananda Das tells us 'Ananta Mrityur sathe mishe thakte cheyechhi'.... is that also love! Then love and death are lying in a same staright line! Whats your view Poet about my question! ! It arises because you have not only wrotten a poem, its also a doctrine. Is it possible being secondless with any..... except the Lord Himself or anything else! Your Ha Ha Ha is very mysterious. Are you a nun or..........

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Omar Ibrahim 22 April 2010

shakespeare said: 'most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly' to love means to sacrifice and to care for...not like what cinema shows.only hugs and kisses and cakes which look like hearts...wow it's wonderful but it's folly like shakespeare have said...nice poem Nivedita..read: solitary reaper for William Wordsworth..it's nice I read it and I suggest it for you as the poem of the day. thanks for sharing your poems

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