Love Left Behind Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Love Left Behind

Rating: 5.0

Here he comes!
Her heart beats faster.
She hears his voice
And lets it drip through her awareness
Like warm honey.
She feels sparkles of electricity
As he passes behind her.
Her skin prickles,
She shivers.
Her softness peaks,
Her spirits lift....
But only for this frozen instant,
And they fall as he strides away.
She does not turn around to face him
Because, in the depths of him,
She senses a deep abiding disinterest.
Oh how she is mistaken...
He walks away
Clenching his fists,
Inhaling the last of her perfume,
And lovingly thinking only of her.

© 2012

Aria Siren 29 November 2012

Oh lovely! Ruby-have you tapped into my thoughts and written them down?

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Most inarticulate of me to say but your poems are fecking brilliant! Love this one!

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Caroline Bulleck 01 October 2012

This happens so many times. Everyone is afraid of taking that first step. You captured it beautifully.

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Valerie Dohren 01 October 2012

Love gone to waste through lack of communication - shame, a great write.

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Mason Maestro 30 September 2012

I'll be glad to be the first to comment on this. Quite a fun little read. Not so labor-some to get through, unlike so much else on this site. Leaves me questions though what it your intentions were on its meaning. Please share if you have the time. btw, If you can, i'm trying to promote and get my work out there and known. I'm about to release my latest conceptual novelty and all twelve pieces are here on this site. They each cover 12 different areas in society that have been infiltrated by the powers that be. A few of them are; The Equation, (Big Banking) Orwellian Youth, (The Family Unit) Justis, (Law) and Each and Every Day (Food) .

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