A Sexy Samba Poem by Ruby Honeytip

A Sexy Samba

Rating: 4.8

Sweat trickles down my bare back.
It tickles as it wetly trails
To the base of my spine.
My hips sway,
My shoulders dip and roll
In rythmic undulations
In time with the vibrations
That have suddenly become,
My only awareness.
A delighted smile spreads
Across my crimson lips
I open my eyes to look at you.
You are looking at me,
I know what's on your mind.
Mmmm....mine too.
I turn around,
Lifting my arms over my head.
I press my back to the front of you,
And I enjoy the cadence
Of your beautiful body.
Your hands are on my gyrating hips,
I feel you push intimately hard,
Pulsing against me in the dark.
Your teeth on my earlobe,
Start a maddening electric tempo,
In my secret depths.
I feel you entwine your fingers with mine,
I am warmly clasping to the beat.
....... .
The rhythm slows.
You lean in close as my song
Draws to its end.
I feel your deep baritone as you whisper
'Save the last dance for me'

I think I will Mr Rightnow.

© 2012

Red O'mara 10 November 2012

And still no rude words. I think we're all wondering when you're going to declare which is which.

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Lyn Paul 11 November 2012

Excellent Ruby, Thanks for sharing your great work

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Joseph Anderson 23 November 2012

Wowee! this sure raised my libido.A 10 plus for sensuality. A spirited write.Yeah, that was a great ending

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Loved the subtle sensuality in the poem..

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Marvin Brato 06 October 2013

Sensual sentiments enhance with rhythmic expressive imagination!

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Khairul Ahsan 01 August 2013

Free flow of feeling, sure to harden many a thing!

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Terry O'leary 10 February 2013

Although it's winter here, reading this made me hot...very nice descriptive piece, Ruby... Terry

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Stevie Taite 24 November 2012

Amazing! Very very sensual! Cleverly done (wake up husband lol)

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