Cheap Thrill Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Cheap Thrill

Rating: 5.0

My feet are pointing high in the air,
I'm blinded by a veil of hair.
My body is shaking, a teardropp appears...
Is it too late to let me out of here!
I sneak a peek at you find this amusing?
My skirt 'round my ears, my neighbours assuming....
That my moaning and screaming is born from fun,
Not knowing my instincts are telling me 'RUN! '
But wait..there's a thrill.....I feel so alive
My body is speeding as though to survive!
Laughter has replaced the feeling of dread.
Smiles have pushed my ears high on my head: -D
By the time I realise, I like it more than I'm s'pose ta
It's time to vacate from my first rollercoaster.

LET'S GO AGAIN! ! ! : -)

© 2012

Stevie Taite gave me the line about a smile so big it pushes your ears up: -D
Go and check her awesome poetry out......I just did.......again: -)
Rachel Branscombe 02 December 2012

For some reason this made me laugh. I don't know why

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Hazel Durham 02 December 2012

I was thinking the wrong theme here, so funny, enjoyable with a twist at the end! !

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Stevie Taite 02 December 2012

So much fun! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Hahahahaha weeeeeeeeeee

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Red O'mara 02 December 2012

Okay, you had me fooled. Unhappy ending but couldn't help but laugh.

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Ruby Honeytip 02 December 2012

Hahaha.....nothing unhappy about rollercoasters.....except maybe faulty harnesses: -)

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Right you are, on the roller coaster or something equally enjoyable

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Howard Savage 10 January 2016

Those cheap thrills will always leave you at the bottom of the hill.

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Owain Glyn 15 December 2012

You're braver than I am, really well constructed!

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Kevin Patrick 12 December 2012

Rollercoasters are on of the top five things in life. Nice Write

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Neela Nath Das 09 December 2012

Great thrill. So beautiful is your style! I'm sure, I'll come here again.

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