Love Song Today Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Love Song Today

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how many poems have I written?
how many poems have I bitten?

written on paper facts
in the end they only fill trash racks

it's not a sonnet one or two
no sweet songs for you

but a whole range of panorama
sea view panorama world news 1881

tribute to oil paintings-history
gazing for hours at the super-powerful seascapes

in this monumental artful building
Mesdag and artfriends were painting

this gigantic seascape panorama
it still exists, quick visit is a grand dilemma

come, see this greatest roundpainting of whole Europe
my lovesong for Mesdag Panorama

© Sylvia Frances Chan
Saturday 15 May 2021

Love Song Today
This is a translation of the poem Liefdes Lied Vandaag by Sylvia Frances Chan
Saturday, May 15, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: tribute,today,Europe,poem
Art museum in The Hague, The Netherlands with the famous panoramic round seascape painting of the 19th century painter Hendrik Mesdag, the greatest round painting in whole Europe! Since I am also a paintress, this is my lovesong today for Mesdag Panorama. Thank you so much that you have read and visited my poem site.
Kumarmani Mahakul 16 May 2021

A great tribute poem is very well written. A whole range of panorama smiles with full stars as each song is a sweet song for God and good lovable personality. This is definitely an interesting poem nicely written with perceptional effort.

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M Asim Nehal 16 May 2021

A song that echoes in mind and heart. Wonderful poem Madam Sylvia.5*****

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Panorama is great. Top stars to my dearest friend from Netherlands

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God bless you Sylvia! Do write lovely love songs! A special song for the great painter Hendrik Mesdag

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