Meadow Of Crimson Poem by Crimson Love

Meadow Of Crimson

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The grass upon this meadow,
dew with small drops of blood,
a sea of red and green
an envy among all who wish to lie Within the meadow Crimson,
Come with me my friends of shadow,
I'll take you to where crimson plays,
follow me just past the old oak tree,
Come with me, open your eyes, theres much to see,
watch these small inanimate creatures play within the mess,
Beautiful and bloody just like my wrists,
come and play with crimson, I can only insist,
the green has left, my poisons killed all life,
The grass has died and crimson consumed,
Lets just swim in our passions,
In this meadow where Crimson lies.

Alex Manson 28 October 2011

this is amazing, i can picture the scene in my mind. i love it, where this breathtaking talent come from, my dear? keep writing because your poetry is a beautiful addiction...

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Ace Of Black Hearts 26 October 2011

In the meadow of the crimson I have just traveled. A unique land all of its own. With powers far and wide renowned, The name will always stick upon my mind. With intrigue I have been sucked in. For some reason I can't let go. And I don't know why. Withs words upon a fish hook I have been baited and caught. Struggle as I may, as I might. It is still such a good write.

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Miriam Maia Padua 26 October 2011

very nice..I love the title too... at last, finding crimson in the meadow.... wonderful picture flashing....

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Lenore Lee 25 October 2011

Nice. Your faires shall frolick in peace and happiness in your crimson meadow.

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