Memories Poem by Crimson Love


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Memories swim,
in the waters,
I've never braved.
Never have I wished,
to swim within my past,
so instead, let me drowned,
let my past slither down my throat,
and kiss my lungs,
inside and out,
Heavy, moistened breaths,
gurgle, such pain,
yet I love the sensations,
that only dying memories can bring.

Virginia Pecho Gely 02 January 2012

The past help us to grow. They make us better persons. They improuve our vision of present and future. A very expressive and inspiring poem. I love this poem Crimson Love. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Virginia Pecho Gely 02 January 2012

We learned a lot from our past. They are part of us. They help us to continue our present to attain the future. A very expressive and inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing Crimson Love.

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A Lifetime Of Fame 29 December 2011

I like this! It's different somehow, but still, awesome. Great write!

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Dave Walker 28 December 2011

Once again a very powerful poem. We can have good memories as well as bad ones. The bad ones always seem To take over the good. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Reincarnation.

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Vipins Puthooran 28 December 2011

Memories are mere imagaeries of past! ! A good poem! !

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