Monsoon Poem by Preetam Shetty


Rating: 4.8

Open your Heart,
Embrace the joy,
Raise your arms,
Welcome the great grey sky.

Feel the chill,
In the crisp fresh air,
Excuse your worries,
Forget to despair.

Enjoy the aroma,
Of the soothing earth,
Encounter the seeds,
Taking a new birth.

Play with the droplets,
Bestowed from above,
Caress the moments,
Thank the divine love.

Take a loved one,
Walk through the lanes,
Feel the warmth,
Even in the rains.

Guy Baldwin 14 June 2010

i could feel the cool rain and the joy it brings through your well crafted words. good stuff!

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Joseph Poewhit 14 June 2010

Words have a health to them

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Gregory Pierre-jerome 14 June 2010

very nice and just a great read...ienjoyed it....u talented

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The rejoice of new life to come! Open your heart, embrace the joy. An awakening poem. Well done; D

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Amrit Rathi 14 June 2010

Very crisp description of coming rains! [Open your Heart, Embrace the joy, Raise your arms, Welcome the great grey sky.] voted 9/10

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 26 June 2010

well said and well expressed! ! ! ! ! you really made it sound good and just for the record i love the rain season, so this piece reminded me of the rainy season and how it inspires me...... keep it up! ! ! ! ! !

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Matt Mooney 25 June 2010

A poem to put in your pocket and to read when you need wind in your sails.10.

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Gan Chennai 25 June 2010

'Feel the warmth, Even in the rains' - A Nice unimaginable imagination.

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Anita Trivedi 22 June 2010

My heart is smiling after readig this........ very beautiful................

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Ency Bearis 16 June 2010

Great poem to ponder, nice write and remarkable.

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