Monsoon Rains Are Here Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Monsoon Rains Are Here

Rating: 3.7

Pouring down is the rain
Flowing fast in the drain
Filling water in the lane
Making me wet and looking insane
In it we go out to play
Splishing splashing the whole way
Until the sun’s ray
Spoils our day.

Melvina Germain 20 June 2007

This is a fun filled poem, depicting the happy days of children just having a whole lot of fun. Great imagry Risha, you brought me into the poem as if I were there watching the children play. Fabulous Risha, I like it very much.--Melvina--

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Sallie Howson 24 June 2007

what a marvellous little poem from such a young and gifted poet..brava

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Marci Made 20 June 2007

This is very good RIsha and gives one pause to think of how far you will go having this much talent at a young age.....It's raining off and on here today, so very far away from you....marci. :)

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Salu Salu 03 December 2008

it rains of course........rgrds/salu

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Ana Monnar 30 July 2007

LOL Laughing Out Loud This one cute poem done with a wonderful sense of humor. : -))

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i really like this one! it is goody! ! ! 10 girl friend!

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Raul Castelan 26 June 2007

Artistic and true. You paint a picture here with your words. EXCELLENT READ! ! !

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Roy Storey 24 June 2007

This is good, read my poem balance they are the same. Roy.

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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