Mortal Beauty Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Mortal Beauty

Rating: 4.5

Her hair glittered and shone
like glinting strands of gold
or her hair jet black
in a dark sheen of ebony
Ah witness the Creator's creativity
in beauty variety

Her eyes a shade
of sparkling jade

Or her gold brown eyes
in all the hues of sunrise.

Her cheeks had a blush
of the red of rubies
Her arms shimmered
as does diamond dust
Her skin was radiant
as mother'o'pearl
Her neck and figure
so sinuous and slender
as the diamond back snake.

The coy quiver of her lips
like blossoming tulips

Her nails one could fancy
were pink sapphire
Ah she could be a man's desire
set his heart on fire

But miss terrific might be waiting for heart throbs
and not just any Tom Dick or Bobs

So even if you may be a lady killer
meet your match
for she's a femmefatale!

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: art
Saadat Tahir 17 January 2013

:) femm fatale.... lovely write poet's notes there!

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Jahan Zeb 18 January 2013

Wonderful description, ending strongly. nice rhythm Loved it

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Valsa George 20 January 2013

The paragon of a beauty described in all her feminine charms! Many young men must be vieing with each other to find a place in her heart! The poem has sucked in all her symmetry and grace! Excellent!

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Musfiq Us Shaleheen 31 January 2013

beautiful expression.....lovely write... a great read indeed...

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Kevin Patrick 25 February 2013

This depiction of feminine allure was lovely to read and brought a smile to my face, it could easily describe any girl who possesses the allure to drive a man (or women) insane with a desire to possess it for themselves, I like the way it was written and the flow. Good job

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Heather Wilkins 18 August 2013

beautiful imagery on a mortal beauty but the real beauty comes from within. lovely write

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Ramesh Rai 02 August 2013

beautiful write. liked your imagination.

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Yasmin Khan 29 June 2013

a beautiful poem in tribute to beauty waiting for heart throbs not for passing passions. I enjoyed it.

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R.j. Wynn 11 May 2013

Beautiful poem, I swear. I know these devils.

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Karen Sinclair 16 April 2013

Beautiful harmonious wording followed by wry humour a most fabulous mix. Bravo

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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