Mother Poem by Mohammad Muzzammil


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At first I opened my eyes and found,
A smiling, attractive and beautiful face,
Seeing her I paused my crying sound,
And began to flow on love's surface.

She empowered my body that was mild,
And for me careful by day and night,
Being suffered yet she for me smiled,
And bestowed me pleasure in every plight.

The latest and sweetest gift from heaven,
The idol of love and figure of mercy,
Like a kindness plant, flowers laden,
Whose fragrance has bestowed me decency.

I love paradise and wish to achieve,
And appreciate it more than any other,
Cause it is said and as I believe,
Paradise touches the feet of my mother.

Shah Shoaib 16 October 2010

A nice piece of art that is rich in expression as well as rhyme. It reminds me my childhood.

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Jenny Gordon 17 October 2010

It is a very nice piece about your mother....your similes are good. Your alternate end-rhyming/rhyme scheme is well done and quite pleasant. You might want to make your metre more consistent...same number of syllables as well as accents. I like it very well. You did a fine job.

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Nitya Pillai 24 October 2010

This is a really nice piece of writing Mohammad. The expressions are so reflects through! :)

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Hans Vr 01 July 2011

Straight from the heart, touching your readers in a very special way. I think this poem about mother is one of the really good ones that I have read. I especially love the end. Wise words full of feeling.

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Amy Marie 19 December 2010

I like that it rhymes :)

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Wendy Thopliss 06 December 2010

Nice word's Mohammad, they express great love and respect for your mother.Well done.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 November 2010

Mother is that canopy strong but gentle to shield danger n’ build compassion great tribute enjoyed fully … thanks sharing Hon’ble Poet Mohammad-ji Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Mohammad Tabish Hussain 11 November 2010

Yes, this is a very nice piece of writing......telling us our heaven is under our mother's feet and this is a Hadit you have very well expressed in your poem........It is giving us a message.

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