! ! Mountains And My Dawn! Poem by Rema Prasanaa

! ! Mountains And My Dawn!

Rating: 3.3

Mountains call me from mystic terrains
a prayer comes from divine heart
wild flowers fall on discreet dreams
dews on garden flowers
fragrance brings placid breeze
docile numinous dreams arrive
clouds fly on confused confines
tremors shrivel on stiff caverns
listen, calm my ocean dear
hide you treasures of mine so deep
wait, wait I come back soon
impede not until I liberate my soul
allow me to go on my part of earth
allow me to reach my dawn in style
mountains call me from distant terrains
allow me to walk till I climb its peak
allow me to embrace my dawn in grace.

© Rema Prasanna
August 2,2008

Mamta Agarwal 13 August 2008

a lovely mystical poem, full of imagery.10 Mamta

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Indira Renganathan 08 August 2008

Emotions and nature..you are an expert.Good write 10

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Raj Nandy 08 August 2008

A beautiful piece of creative poetry - straight out of the workshop of your creative mind! -Raj Nandy

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Emancipation Planz 02 August 2008

Rema, I know where you went for this one... and...YoU... delivered... I wonderful climb to your sun rising.. aroha xx

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 02 August 2008

You are a stellar imagist, Rema....and your inveterating passion for the pictorial write, is both compelling, and everpresent, in this piece....Imagery to a Writer(like myself) , but more especially to a bonifide Poet(such as yourself) is as paramount, and capturing, as illusion to a master magician.Solid work, indeed! ~ FjR ~ ..08-08..

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