Murder And Mystery At The 1968 Olympics Poem by Kim Barney

Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit

Murder And Mystery At The 1968 Olympics

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It was the year of sixty-eight
and we were deemed the best
of all the greatest relay teams;
we just out-shined the rest.

‘T was hot that year in Mexico,
but we were primed to win,
and we could hardly stand the wait
for those Games to begin.

Bri Edwards ran the lead-off lap,
and running next was Hank.
I ran the third, and for the last,
we'd Cowboy Ron to thank.

The race began, and Bri took off;
the crowd just lost its mind.
Bri stumbled, and his shoe came off,
and he was far behind.

But he kept on without his shoe,
and soon made up some ground.
(But later, when the race was o'er,
his shoe could not be found.)

Bri's shorts had fallen off as well,
as he found out quite soon.
The people came to see some stars,
and they saw a full moon.

Hank ran the best lap of his life,
at an outstanding pace,
and when the second lap was done,
we were in second place.

I ran my best, but could not catch
that speedy guy from France.
With only one more lap to go,
Ron was our only chance.

Then suddenly some shots rang out;
there was a shooter there!
The people scrambled all about,
and screaming filled the air.

Three runners down, but one ran on;
we all remember that.
The one who crossed the finish line
had on a cowboy hat.

A new world record had been set;
we knew we would, of course.
Ron didn't even break a sweat,
and neither did his horse!

Murder And Mystery At The 1968 Olympics
How this poem came about: It is all fiction, of course. Bri Edwards left a comment on one of Hank Beuning's poems, and jokingly suggested that Hank write about his exploits in the 1968 Olympics, and maybe include some murder and mystery, rhyming and humor all in the same poem. Then Bri said that maybe he would try it himself. Well, Hank never did, and as far as I know, Bri didn't either, so I thought I would try it.
Smoky Hoss 29 October 2022

He of course really won due to the good luck having 4 horse shoes brought him!

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Kim Barney 29 October 2022

Smoky, thank you so much for commenting!

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Miss Ann Thropy 27 October 2022

Congratulations, Kim. This poem is still on the list of top member poems, at # 38 today.

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Kim Barney 29 October 2022

Thank you, Miss Ann.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 21 October 2022

Kim, I was never very athletic, probably because I have two left feet.

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Wun Hung Lo 21 October 2022

Oh, come on, Hank. Don't be so modest! Remember when you carried all of those guys out of the jungle in Viet Nam, and Forrest Gump got credit for it?

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Cowboy Ron Williams 18 October 2022

Oh, what fond memories! Poor Bri and his wardrobe malfunctions! I was very surprised that they let me ride my horse in the final lap!

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Smoky Hoss 29 October 2022

Just good ol' common horse-sense wins out every time!

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Wun Hung Lo 21 October 2022

Yes, I think the crowd was surprised, too!

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Bri Edwards 11 October 2022

And I've revised my suggested revision of line 24, to conform to your strict use of 8-6-8-6 meter in each stanza, Kim. How about 'not to see a full moon.' And start line 23 with 'But', not 'The'? bri ;)

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Kim Barney

Kim Barney

I was born in a bank - - my mother went there and made a deposit
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