My Aim Poem by Chandini Jaswal

My Aim

Rating: 4.8

It's got nothing to do with fame.

Well I would like my readers to give a thought
Don't you think girls have suffered a lot?

Why is it so that the girls have to live in fear?
When the only living planet is here.

Where is it written in the religious books,
that a particular gender,
will always surrender.
That there is a advantage for good looks.

So, my first aim would be that everyone breathes,
not on the basis of cast, gender, creed.

That the girl who has always cried,
Can live with joy and pride.

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
Almost every minute, someone is the prey of gender inequality, racial discrimination. It is high time that society raises their voices against these wrongdoings and sins.
Dr Antony Theodore 14 July 2018

So, my first aim would be that everyone breathes, not on the basis of cast, gender, creed. That the girl who has always cried, Can live with joy and pride. very fine poem my dear poetess and noble ideas and determination and positive views of life you are spreading........ thank u for this. continue to spread such ideas through your poems. tony

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Chandini Jaswal 20 July 2018

With such heartwarming comments from such respectable poets like yourself, I am sure I'll continue to write, if not more often. Thank you so much Sir! Regards

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Diane Montemayor 15 October 2016

God created us equally and he loves us unconditionally...... Keep on doing righteous thing, in the eyes of God, that's what matters most to him...... Love yourself and do not allow your thoughts to be filled with negative thoughts. Do not live in fear, , it does not help you to achieve your dreams.....Fear of perfection- do not try it, you'll never reach it, , , just always take time to enjoy the things you want to do and love what you do.....There is a time for everything and God has the best plan for not worry my dear, , , , just keep on praying, , okay.. Sincerely, Diane

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Chandini Jaswal 07 July 2017

Thank you for your concern Diane. Fortunately, I have never witnessed gender-based discrimination and thus I have never faced that fear. But many in my country, the world, face this problem everyday. It is my dream of making the difference in the world by voicing for the disadvantaged people.

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Aradhika Sharma 04 July 2016

Let no one denigrate the sisterhood of women-kind Let us never allow the abuse of our body or of mind Together we must stand, making each other strong W'll survive; we'll prevail- it won't be long! Nicely written poem, Chandni....hold on to your thoughts and give strength to them!

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Unnikrishnan E S 28 June 2016

Oh Chandini, I loved this poem. As father of a lovely little girl like you, I have experienced at least part of the pain you have expressed in the poem, though I never wanted her (or you) to live in fear. I have always encouraged her to do what she wanted. But I always have tried to limit her, for the world is vile on the female. Now she has completed her studies-she studied what she wanted- and has found a job; enough stand on her own legs. This is what I would like every girl to achieve: study what you love to. Do what you like. But make sure that you earn enough to support you, be financially independent. Marriage is not the ultimate aim of life; but it is also important to live a fruitful life. Loving and being loved are important phases. But should continue to pursue your interest, be it work, poetry, anything. You should not give way to the powers and pressures that try to curb your interests and passions. Loved the poem. Do keep writing and sharing.

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