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My Blessing

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Bless the things I've come to know
And those I'd like to sing.
And bless the star-crossed lovers
In the cooler days of spring.

Bless the winds of summer
And the stars that shine above.
And bless the winter evenings
And the girls that I have loved.

Bless the farmer's daughter
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Reshma Ramesh 31 March 2009

wow! ! this goes to my fav......such a humble straight from the heart honest poem.............beautiful

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Sadiqullah Khan 31 March 2009

perfectly at peace with yourself blessed art thou that brought sweet lines from heart blessed with love love of children and love of elderly love of trees and love of girls bless the pen that wrote these lines..............

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 31 March 2009

This beautiful rhyme is a prayer of thanks indeed. Your words and verses are blessing as well. May God bless all your blessings......! ! !

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Madison Yeater 30 March 2009

wow, i used to be very close with the lord. this is very heartfelt. i think its great.

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T McH 30 March 2009

Bless you. t x

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Cristy Upshaw 04 June 2009

bravo! hun! this is a masterpiece! wow! you have such a creative, brilliant and talented soul.

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Ernestine Northover 06 April 2009

Applause! Applause! another superb write and so meaningful. I shall be crying again, they are all so emotional. Loved it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Ana Zaldivar 01 April 2009

Lovely and meaningful.... well written.. I love reading your poems: D you have such a great tallent!

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Teresa Dearing 01 April 2009

Lovely, we should all count our blessings so.T

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Meggie Gultiano 01 April 2009

Bless my long successes And my constant failures too. And bless the hope I'll always have As long as I have you. ....And i am so blessed by these lines above, Wolfey.It shows what kind of a person you are..You showed humility, and strong faith. I would like to end this, with a prayer esp. for you: Blessing For Wolfey.. I humbly bow down on my knees and pray Lifting up a kind friend and humble person Bless him, in all areas that he needs, this Wolfey Lead him to you, my Lord, this is my devotion I hope you like this simple prayer for you..Luv ya. Hugs, meggie

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