My Cousin Don Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

My Cousin Don

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I almost became a country singer.
My cousin Don invited me
to join him on tour once,
but I was having too much success
on the rodeo circuit at the time,
and didn't want to give that up.

Cousin Don was good friends
with the actor Burt Reynolds,
and even acted in several
movies with him.

What part did he play?
He played himself,
Don Williams, the country singer!

I never got invited to sing
with cousin Hank.
I was not yet twelve years old
when he died on New Year's Day
in nineteen fifty-three.

My Cousin Don
Bharati Nayak 27 January 2022

You have so many talents!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 28 January 2022

Bharati, thank you so much for the comment (and the compliment) !

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 27 January 2022

Wonderful just Wonderful Cowboy

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bri edwards 02 March 2022

Ron, a classmate of mine, in my 'youth', said his dad, 'Lonesome Larry' (last name Weller) was a 'Country Singer'. Ever hear of him, I wonder. : )

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Cowboy Ron Williams 03 March 2022

No, never heard of him but found him on Google. Born 1915, died 1965.

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bri edwards 02 March 2022

Ron, perhaps this 'poem' is 'free verse'? That (free) is one thing STILL good about PoemHunter/Poem Hunter/PH. Yay! At least your story is broken up into 'stanzas'. : )) bri

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bri edwards 02 March 2022

Ron, you were born in '42? I've heard of Hank Williams and Burt, but maybe not Don. Did you ever sing before an audience? : ) bri

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 14 February 2022

Your poem is fascinating! I enjoyed it very much.

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 28 January 2022

Love to hear your songs. do send link.....

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Cowboy Ron Williams 28 January 2022

Thank you for the comment, Asim, but I don't have any songs on the internet, and no link to send.

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