My Final Resting Place Poem by Cowboy Ron Williams

My Final Resting Place

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When I leave this world, I hope the sun shines.
When my mother died, it rained for three days.
I think the heavens wept for her, but I
do not deserve any adoration.

Life should go on, and my passing should go
unnoticed by the busy world at large
or by any of my acquaintances.

My father knew when his time was at hand,
and I think that I, too, shall be aware.
This will give the time for me to prepare.

I want to be high on a mountaintop
surrounded by trees and fragrant flowers.

There will be a huge meadow with tall grass
and I will unsaddle my horse and take
off his bridle and say, 'Partner, you're free! '

I already know this place, as I have
been there many times before, but this time
my horse and I will not be coming back.

There are almost always deer to watch there,
or snowshoe hares, or even porcupines.
Steller's jays, mountain chickadees, goldfinch,
blue grouse and other birds are fun to watch.

I'm sure to be thoroughly entertained
by nature as I relax quietly,
waiting, hoping for my last breath to come.

My Final Resting Place
The mountain chickadee is very similar to the black-capped chickadee. The last time I was at this meadow, I was very surprised to see some American goldfinch there. I thought that they were only to be found down in the valley. The blue grouse and Steller's jays are always there, and usually woodpeckers and many other birds, some of which I cannot identify.
Kim Barney 22 June 2021

Outstanding poem, Cowboy!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 27 January 2022

Thank you, Kim. I appreciate the comment.

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Smoky Hoss 22 June 2021

Superb! I have a spot way out and away in Arizona that I feel the same about. Let's hope we are able to ride this ol' trail for a might longer though! Love this poem...

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Cowboy Ron Williams 27 January 2022

Thanks, ol' buddy! Comment greatly appreciated.

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Bharati Nayak 17 June 2021

Every person has some fear or imagination about his last days.Your poem is beautiful as it displays an inner calmness and a willingness to rest in the lap of nature.

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Cowboy Ron Williams 27 January 2022

Bharati, thank you so much! You have a wonderful way with words.

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Jack Hammer 16 June 2021

Absolutely wonderful poem, Cowboy! Congratulations on a job well done!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 27 January 2022

Thanks, Jack, but I know well that you are really Belle!

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