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*******my Hiding Place

Rating: 2.7

When I'm sad and no one's around,
My feet are drawn to you and I bow down.
You always calm my aching heart,
Whispering to me, you'll never part.

Easing my mind to gentle rest
My sins to you, I will confess.
When I'm happy and no one cares,
I turn to you in heartfelt prayer.

You love me just the way I am,
For you are the one and only 'Great I AM'.
Thank you dear Lord for hearing my voice,
For you are my unrivaled choice.

You're my refuge and my hiding place,
You made me strong so I wouldn't break.
When I was weak and turned to you,
You picked me up, you saw me through.
Clear my mind and make me whole
Victory from my pain, is your goal.
In all I do, I will praise you,
My love and faith has been renewed.

I surrender all and everything,
My heart and soul I want to sing.
Every teardropp that falls from my eyes,
Leaves me bare and naked with no disguise.

Please listen to my heart's torment,
Hear me when I cry and lament.
Listen to my soul's distress,
Lead me now in ways to progress.
Hear me - I am calling.

James Lagoski 13 July 2010

Dear Meggie~ As we pray during our our stay and play the roles we have been chosen to portray You were always there Just Waiting for That Day... I really liked the way these words just seemed to roll out of me after reading this! That always tells me it was a good piece of writing- Best Wishes to You and Yours~ Peace~ James

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Marvin Brato 08 October 2013

Very inspirational sentiments, your poems quite profound and in depth!

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Roseann Shawiak 23 September 2013

You made me strong so I wouldn't break - I just recently realized this myself after all I've been through in the last 4 months - my faith brought me through - I bent but didn't break. This line touched me profoundly, thank you for sharing.

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Anie Vans 25 April 2011

'My sins to you, I will confess.'re my refuge and my hiding place.' Says it all for me. As always, so heartfelt. Thanks.

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Kesav Easwaran 30 August 2010

'When I was weak and turned to you, You picked me up, you saw me through'... That's how the good Faith gets its reward...good poem...10

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Ken E Hall 15 July 2010

He will stand by you what you say he knows its from your your poem++++10 regards

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