My Malaysia Poem by Qistina Zaini

My Malaysia

Rating: 3.2

M- my beautiful Malaysia, you make me proud.., when all my friends ask me where i live and i said ‘malaysia’, Malaysia is my country!
A- and everytime i talk about you, i feel free..., free to love, free to talk and free to breath.
L- live in you like live in heaven, we free from war and anything like that...
A- and you gave me miracle that i used it to live...
Y-you’re the place my life begins and you’ll be where it ends...
S- so beautiful! , you’re so beautiful....the beauty that will never end.....
I- i will never leave you until the day i die, i swear! ! !
A- and i thankful to be here....

Faith Elizabeth Brigham 24 October 2005

Wow! This is such a beautiful poem it deserves a perfect 10 rating. I don't give out a lot of tens but this is an amazingly wonderful poem. I loved it! Best regards-Faith

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Lara W.a 24 January 2006

How can i not love this? This is beyond beautiful!

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Charmaine Simpson 23 October 2005

This is lovely - i think those who love and respect the beauty of the world benifit from all of its wonder.

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Jon Lloyd 11 November 2005

This is really beautiful, Qistina. Such a touching declaration of love for your country, but written from a personal viewpoint, not from a nationalistic, jingoistic stance. Loved it - Jon.

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Peter A. Crowther 21 October 2005

What a lovely tribute to your native country! And a clever acrostic, too. Well done.

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Vaashini 17 August 2022

What An Amazing Acrostic Poem.... I am sure it will be a great inspiration

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Vaashini 17 August 2022

The acrostic poem is amazing

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R. Ariffin 01 September 2016

Tanah tumpahnya darahku

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Paul Sebastian 26 February 2015

Beautiful acrostic poem. It expresses the true heart of a Malaysian. I can identify myself with the poem. Great write.

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Anas Aleyt 16 April 2013

I'm feeling so proud when i read your piece..Proud to be Malaysian as well.Nicely done :)

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