My Feathered Friend Poem by Shihabudheen K J

My Feathered Friend

Rating: 4.9

Once on a midsummer night,
a feathered friend with her broken wings
perched on my right shoulder.

Its queer eyes began sharing agony
being the sacred deity of a distant moor;
languished purple cheek quoted
enchantings of an insane priest;
wanted wings carried gravity of followers
arms and prayers;
swollen lips felt like too much
adored by daily queue feedings!

My incessant care brought her to my lap,
pretended listening to its murmers,
chained it in a silver abode full of status
dressed over to my business!

Rain came, dew invaded and storm plundered
my hillresort!

I returned on a misty eve,
could smell some lifeless
purple-white feathers dancing on the floor.

Our feathered friend was found dead
Deeply moved the human in me,
felt like
'weren't that priest and his blind followers
better than you, MR.naturist?

I opened the cage, alas!
for my surprise, just
under the broken wings of my dead friend,
a dream purple baby bird was seen
adoring its bygone heart,
imitating his great mother bird
full of sacrifice and proven worth;
carrying him over the constraints,
winds and mountains;
waters and fences.

I nursed him on my heart,
narrated avian tales of time!
dedicated my left life to nurture him up.
Not remorse, but
empathy! !

Valsa George 21 November 2012

A tale, so absorbing and moving told in beautiful verse reminding one of the tale of the albatros and the ancient mariner of Coleridge! Great! This desrves a 10+

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Asif Andalib 23 November 2012

Somewhat dark but lovely. Keep it up

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Karoliena Somura 25 November 2012

Very nice and moving, love it!

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Poetheart Morgan 01 December 2012

Full of Humanity and love for your feathered friend, which can be any one without wings also! ! ! ! Love it

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Neetha Sasidharan 02 December 2012

grt thick n going..

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A heartbreaking account of the "feathered friend", compassionate. Lovely poem. The twist in the end happy ending is adored.

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Kelly Kurt 05 July 2016

A very fine piece of writing, Shihabudheen. Thanks for sharing

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Kaila George 13 April 2014

This is a great to why you would need my comment not quite sure you have a following...smiles...its beautiful to read...the concepts leaves you in awe of the beauty and flow of this feel happy and sad all at once...this is what true talent is about...capturing the reader and painting that image in their minds eye for all to have that gift...thank you for letting me be invited to share your writings....look forward to reading more.

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Jenie Franksay 10 July 2013

good write buddy... have a look on my poems too.

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Suzaku Vaneko 06 December 2012

Wow! This is truly an amazing poem, far better than anything I have written. You have immense poetic talent! ! ! ! !

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