New Age Poetry Poem by Joseph Anderson

New Age Poetry

Rating: 4.8

Gloom and despair, dark agony-
Tis sad, so sad, but this we see,
In to much new age poetry.

The poems we write should touch, inspire,
Should fill the needs our hearts desire
And light our better natures fire.

We all should search and seek the light,
Not wallow in some woeful plight;
'Twold lighten up the darkest night.

From womb to tomb, for all the same
But, in between becomes our game
And if we fail, whom should we blame?

Hoping for more inspirational writing

Valerie Dohren 24 April 2012

Very inspired, keep it going. Good one.

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Juan Olivarez 25 April 2012

And I might add Joe, write in a way we can understand and not in code. Great write.

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Adeline Foster 29 April 2012

Very good poem and the word pictures are superb. Liked that 'womb to tomb. Read mine - Cicatrix - Adeline

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Smoky Hoss 01 May 2012

By writing this Joe, you have given us inspiration; thank you.

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Elena Sandu 28 May 2012

Sorry, half asleep (here is long past midnight) , clicked too soon before saying thank you for this wonderful write.

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Elena Sandu 28 May 2012

Gloom and despair, dark agony sometimes if we are lucky to change it into poetry painting music or any kind of beauty could be a greatest therapy, then yes would lighten up the darkest night.

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Hans Vr 12 May 2012

TOTALLY agree with the content of this poem. So well written, So true. If we write poems that make people feel gloomy, what is the use?

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Captain Cur 06 May 2012

Well I guess you won't be reading my latest. Gloom, Gloom, Doom. Great poem Joe, keep taking the high road.

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Heather Wilson 03 May 2012

Very good advice in this poem and inspiration, a good write.

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