Nature And You Poem by Jahan Zeb

Nature And You

Rating: 4.9

In sound of stream, in whistle of breeze,
In flight of birds, in buzzing of bees,
In clouds and rain, in rays of sun,
In light of moon, in joy and fun,
On heights of mount, in depth of seas,
In rainbow’s colors, in green of trees,
In sparkling stars, in waves of shore,
In every Scene of nature free,
I see none but a shade of thee.

Unwritten Soul 15 May 2013

Definitely organic feeling grows in me and watered by your words here_Soul

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Karen Sinclair 15 May 2013

beautifully written....maybe one more word required in last line ie but (a) shade of thee....or (the) i hope you dont mind my suggestion...tyvm karen

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Wahab Abdul 20 May 2013

very nice and sweet poem indeed.. like it.. and enjoyed it, too

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Hazel Durham 17 May 2013

Beautiful, so serene with all the wonders of nature, your true love is smiling from every scene!

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Nader Baheri 16 May 2013

wonderful.for me THEE is a strong shade of God.10+++++ ~nb

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Shahzia Batool 15 May 2013

Duality of meaning is obvious...i feel the urge of interpreting it more on the spiritual grounds rather than the mundane one...To me here this YOU is God...let me call this balanced and beautiful poem as the Best of Jahan zaib

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Farah Ilyas 15 May 2013

To see your beloved 's image in everything is experienced when you fall in love with true enthusiasm, sound enchanting, lovely poem

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Jahan Zeb

Jahan Zeb

Malakand Pakistan
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